Monday – Sunday
8am – 5pm

Training Center : Maylands Marina – 38 Hardey Road, Maylands

Mike Watson


brilliantly run course, Mike was very informative and was happy to answer any questions. learnt heaps and was a perfect day on the river for it. You can’t fail with teachers like this. 14/11/19

Cant fail with a teacher like this

Jeremy Strang Thanks very much mate.
Made it a pleasure to do.
Very informative and easy going.
I hope Ol mate didn’t dent the bow to much haha 8/11/19

Made it a pleasure

Shane Osborne An enjoyable course thanks to Mike’s informative tuition and training facilities. His learning strategies ensure that everyone is familiar with the course content before moving on the next component of the course. I would recommend Sea Safe Boat School to others. 6/11/19

Booked in the day before, very nice and helpful on the phone, I was equipped with all the information I needed to pass.

I now feel 100% smarter and more relaxed when I’m on the water.

And Michael is just a great bloke , very down to earth!

Well worth going with this Mob! Maylands 1/11/19

Nice bloke, down to earth

Highly reccomend Mike, he has a great classroom setup that makes it easy to ask questions that get answered and explained in depth until you understand. His boat is perfect to practice and do the test in.26/10/19

Perfect boat

Mick was an awesome instructor, very patient and easygoing. Made the experience enjoyable and I have come away feeling confident in my newfound skills. Can’t believe I put it off for so long. I highly recommend Sea Safe Boat School.


~Michael Preusker

Feeling confident

brilliant instructor and super nice guy. very knowledgeable
definitely recommend people do there skippers ticket here! 13/10/19

Aydin Hutchison Thank you so much, Mike, I really learned a lot from the course. You made learning that much easier for me for the future. Thanks, again.

I would defiantly recommend you to others. I could not choose a better person to do it with. 📣😃

Graham Kershaw Hey Mick, great to meet you, really nervous to begin, you explained everything so clearly even I got it. LEGEND. 8/10/19


Brett Turner  recommends Sea Safe Boat School. 5/10/19

For those of my friends looking to get their skippers ticket, I highly recommend Mike Watson from sea safe boat school. Very thorough, helpful and understanding.

Helpful &understanding

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