Monday – Sunday
8am – 7pm

Training Center : Maylands Marina – 38 Hardey Road, Maylands

Mike Watson

Boating Refresher Course

Boating Refresher course available $170 per person.

Boating refresher course for the person who already has a skippers ticket and wants to refresh theory and practical skills. The boating refresher course has all the inclusions of the silver course. There is no certification with this course. It is for the person who already has a skippers ticket and wants a full refresher. Also because there is no certification there is no government fees.

We cover theory and practical.

Course includes Trip planning, Radio procedures & logging on, berthing alongside jetty, boating equipment, boat handling course, sSkipper & crew responsibilities, controlled stopping, fuel and cooling systems, rules & regulations & use of safety equipment, man overboard, emergency stopping, departing and berthing use of transit marks, anchoring (instructor Demonstrations included). Use of our custom built vessel included!

Please note if you are a Boat owner then you need to have a VHF radio on your boat, there for a licence is mandatory to obtain. Please visit our VHF Marine Radio Licence page for more info.

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