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Marine Radio Examinations

Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) 1300 365 262

The Office of Maritime Communications at the Australian Maritime College is responsible for the management of all functions associated with marine radio examinations and certification services in Australia.

This includes the management of the invigilator network across Australia, production and distribution of the Marine Radio Operators Handbook, production and distribution of examination papers and certificates for:

  • MROCP is now LROCP – Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency.
  • MROVCP is now SROCP – Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency.
  • MSCCE is now MSCE – Marine Satellite Communications Endorsement.

The AMC is also responsible for reissuing certificates to holders who have lost or damaged certificates of proficiency.

To Find information on the new AWQ click here

Do in need a VHF marine radio licence?

In order to have a VHF radio on your boat, it is a legal requirement for you to have a VHF Radio Licence to operate it. If you’re looking for a marine radio course, Sea Safe Boat School offers a complete course conducted under OMC guidelines to obtain your Vhf marine radio licence. Total Cost $180.


To have a VHF radio on your boat it is a legal requirement for you to have a Vhf marine radio licence to operate it

There are 2 radio licenses:

LROCP. This is a full Vhf marine radio licence which includes VHF and radio. 50 multiple choice  questions pass mark  70%  35 correct

Mostly for  commercial operators. Lots of book reading with this one

SROCP.   This is the most common operator gets just a VHF license and is easier.( Not so much study) 25 Questions pass mark 70% or 18

Both licenses are the same price and can be conducted at our training center at Maylands. Marina 38 Hardey Road Maylands. The quiz usually takes about 20 mins.

Marine Radio Examinations are conducted under OMC guidelines . Total Cost $180.

Don’t forget to have a passport size photo with you to attach to your answer sheet

We send in your completed papers and results are sent to the student links below to download the workbook, or purchase $25 from Sea Safe

The LROCP is the preferred Vhf marine radio licence to obtain for most applicants. If you want to travel offshore, participate in yacht races or apply for further qualifications like the Masters V or Coxwain’s certificate then the LROCP is essential. The SROCP will only allow for you to operate small vessels near the coast or in bays and harbours.

The cost of the certificates are effectively equivalent so is not recommended to apply for the SROCP.  There is no simple way for you to upgrade the SROCP to the LROCP so if you change your mind later on you’ll have to take the entire test again and incur all the costs associated.

What do I need to know to get my VHF radio licence?

It isn’t difficult to obtain a Marine Radio licence and you don’t require extensive knowledge in order to pass your exam. You need to get 70% of the final exam correct and you’ll need the following:

  • An understanding of VHF (and MF/HF) marine radios
  • An understanding and ability to use the phonetic alphabet
  • The ability to distinguish between Ship Stations, Limited Coast Stations and Coast Radio Stations
  • Knowledge of the procedures and channels needed while operating the radio
  • The ability to comprehend safety, distress and urgency communications
  • An understanding of Digital Selective Calling Communications
  • The ability to identify the components of a marine radio
  • An understanding of the maintenance requirements pertaining to radio equipment and power sources
  • An understanding of the applications and limitations of different kinds of radio equipment
  • An understanding of Search and Rescue in Australia
  • An understanding of the use of SART’s and 406 MHz EPIRBS

How long will it take to obtain a VHF Marine Radio Licence?

There are 2 components that you must complete when you take a marine radio course. The first component is completed online and is estimated to entail around 4-5 hours of independent study. Each online assignment is open book and should take around 4 to 10 minutes to complete. When you finish these assignments you’ll receive an email response informing you of your results and which sections are in need of review.

Once you are achieving above 80% in the online component, we recommend you take the final exam which is closed book and usually takes around an hour. This exam consists of either 50 (LROCP) or 25 (SROCP) multiple choice questions. Once this is completed the papers are returned to the OMC and it can take up to 15 working days before you receive your results. For more info about how to get the Vhf Radio Licence, you can always message us by clicking the button below.


You can also test your knowledge after reading the book


VHF Radio Licence


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