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Fun and Safe Boating for Kids

Sea Safe Boat School trains students to possess the finest boating skills while honing them into becoming accomplished skippers as well. We ensure that our students learn safe boating while having fun and being responsible for doing it. Our professional trainers with years of experience will make all these possible. Every time is a good […]

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FAQs About Skippers License Perth

Australia is one of the best places to enjoy the views of the seas through boating, we have the best beaches for everyone to enjoy. But in order to fully enjoy boating, the Skippers Licence Australia is required. The license will allow you to enjoy boating more since you will be able to drive your […]

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Tips When You Decide to Learn To Sail Perth

If you want to learn to sail Perth, the best, fastest and most effective way is to enrol at Sea Safe Boat School’s boating classes. At Sea Safe, you will be taught every detail about boating that will help you become a better boater. We provide the best and most professional training and sailing lessons […]

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Sailing Lessons at Sea Safe Boat School

Boating is a lot of fun, but taking sailing lessons can be difficult though it is surely worth the experience. However, with Sea Safe Boat School’; the best Boating School in Australia, you can learn Sailing Lessons the easier way with a twist because it’s going to be fun and exciting, surely, the experience of […]

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Try Boat Share Perth WA

For many people, especially those who love sailing and seafaring, owning a boat is a wonderful investment. yet it is quite expensive to buy and run a boat. Another problem that you might face when owning a boat is that it needs a lot of effort with its maintenance. Boats are expensive and the least […]

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Learn Boating and Be a Boater

Want to hit the waters but tired of being just a passenger? Maybe you want to learn boating as a hobby or as a career. Well, whatever your reasons are, it is an excellent choice to chose boating. But before you can sail, you are required to have your own Skippers Ticket Hillarys so you […]

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Skippers Ticket Wa | Water Driving Course

What’s with the Water Driving Course Skippers Ticket Wa? If you were dreaming of becoming a skipper, or a pirate, or a captain, then you better take a boat handling course to earn your Skippers Ticket Wa. Taking the water driving course is the only way for you to get your Skippers Ticket Wa. Not sure where […]

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Why We Should Have Skippers Ticket

Have you recently purchased a new boat? Imagine the excitement of setting sail on the open waters.  Fishing, exploring and relaxing is what a having a boat is all about. However before you go out and organise a sailing party, you do need to get your skippers ticket. This requires a skippers ticket test but […]

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Learn to Sail Before Launching a Boat

Are you the type of person that enjoys the company of a good ocean and a nice boat to sail with? Well, if you are just a new boater, then there’s a wide sea waiting for you out there. This enjoyable hobby is filled with other fun activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing or […]

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Boat Ramps Perth | Fun Activities to Try With Your Boat

What is there for me after learning more about Boat Ramps Perth?  Getting to know more about the Boat Ramps Perth, passing the boating courses,  and earning your Skippers Ticket, hmm, you must be tumbling crazily now. Why? Because you have every reason and privilege to enjoy the boating world. You get to even adore […]

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