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What Is an EPIRB? Everything You Need to Know to Be Safe and Compliant

An EPIRB, or emergency position-indicating radio beacon, is a portable radio transmitter used to alert search and rescue teams in the event of an emergency. EPIRBs are required on all vessels operating in international waters and are strongly recommended for all vessels operating in coastal waters. When activated, an EPIRB transmits a distress signal that […]

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What Are The Leading Causes of Recreational Boating Fatalities?

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the leading cause of recreational boating fatalities is drowning. In fact, over 80 per cent of boating deaths are due to drowning.  The vast majority of these drownings occur when people fall overboard and are unable to get back into the boat. This is often due to a lack […]

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How Far Can You Take A Boat Up The Swan River?

The Swan River is a beautiful spot for recreational boating, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore if you have your Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST). This is the equivalent of a boating license in Western Australia, and it will allow you to access all the best parts of the river. So without it you […]

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Are You Aware Of The New Boating Laws In Western Australia?

The boating rules in Western Australia are about to get a little stricter, with the announcement of a new mandatory life jacket rule. From now on, all people on boats in Western Australian waters must wear a life jacket at all times.  Anyone on a vessel smaller than 4.8 metres in length that are operating […]

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Top Boating Destinations in Perth

There is no better feeling than getting your skipper’s ticket and hitting the open waters and estuaries of Perth. There is usually perfect Perth boating weather and there are a variety of wonderful locations you can visit when you have a boating licence. There is no better way to relax than boating in Perth with […]

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Do You Have to Renew Your Skippers Ticket?

The Western Australian coast is one of the most picturesque in Australia (arguably the world) and the best way to explore it is by taking your skippers ticket test. By taking your skippers ticket test you will have the skippers ticket license in Perth or WA, and the confidence to navigate on the ocean, the […]

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Who needs a skipper’s ticket in Perth?

For the people who are lucky enough to live in Perth, they know how spoiled they are when it comes to crystal blue waterways, the Pacific Ocean and being able to take a boat out and soak up the glorious Western Australian weather. For visitors, they know they have found a secret treasure. But before […]

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Why Choose Sea Safe Boat School To Get Your Boating Licence In Perth

Whether you are looking to refresh your boating skills or want to obtain your recreational skipper’s ticket in Perth for the first time, Sea Safe Boat School at Maylands has the best instructors and facilities available. Boating is a fun recreational activity, but there is a very season side when it comes to safety. It […]

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Tips to Handling Your Boat with Confidence

Boating is a fun and exciting activity that helps you relax and enjoy an incredible experience with your family and friends. Learning how to drive a boat is vital since you would not want to ruin the excitement of everyone coming to celebrate your big as a captain of your boat. Thus, it’s best to […]

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How Do I Get My Boat Driving Licence in Perth?

Boating is a fun and enjoyable activity for spending time with your family and friends while enjoying the experience and making memories. Having a recreational skippers ticket or WA skippers ticket will allow you to operate this recreational vessel which will expose you to an extensive range of water sports that are extremely fun and […]

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