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Application for Boating License WA

Have you ever heard of a Skipper? Well if not yet, a skipper is a person who has the ability and authority to operate a boating vessel.  Isn’t it cool? If you want to become a holder of the Boating License WA, the first step is to start spending time on boats and get used to it and see what boating is all about. It would help to spend time boating with experienced and professional people. If you really want to be a professional skipper, you will need professional training from Sea Safe Boat School; the best boating school in the country.

Sea Safe is one of the leading boating schools that can help you get your very own Boating License WA. We have professional boaters who can train and teach you what they know about boating. You will also have hands-on experience that will help you to better understand how boat driving goes. We give the best boating lessons that honor safety first before anything else as we give you an enjoyable learning experience. We provide nothing but professional training and the best lessons to guide you with your boating career. Already interested in becoming a Skipper?

Here are the Requirements if you want to get your own Boating License in WA

Proof of Identity

You will need to provide ONE proof of identity document, here are your options:

  • Australian Driver’s License
  • Australian Passport
  • Proof of age Card
  • Australian Defence force photographic identity card
  • Federal or Western Australian police officer photographic identity card
  • Marine certificate of competency carrying a photograph of the holder

If you have one of these then there are no other ID’s required. But if you are unable to provide any of the given documents, you can contact your provider of Skippers ticket and you may be able to work out an alternative arrangement.

EyeSight Examination

  • If the applicant does not have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit, then he will be required to have an eyesight examination. The eye exam must be completed and filled out using the correct Department of Transport form. Non-Department of Transportation forms will be most likely rejected by the department that is issuing the Skippers ticket. The eyesight test can be carried out by any medical professional.

Medical Declaration

  • No medical or fitness test is required. The medical declaration is a simple self-declaration, if you believe you have a medical condition that would and could affect your ability to safely and responsibly skipper a boat, then that’s where a medical examination will be required.

Get your Boating License WA at Sea Safe Boat School!

With those things listed above, you will be able to enjoy the activities of boating without worrying about safety issues. Don’t worry because Sea Safe Boat School got you covered. You just need to be very responsible and surely you will have fun. If you know your duties as a responsible Boating License WA Holder, your crew will trust you and rely on you and you can reassure them of their safety. Remember, safety first!

Getting a boating license wa is not that hard at Sea Safe Boat School for we make sure that the lessons are full of information. Plus, the environment is nice which makes the learning atmosphere fun. Everything is smooth and handy at this boating school. All you just have to do is visit our school today and enrol! Guaranteed that your money and time are worth it all.

If you want to know more about boating, Boating License WA, and Skipper’s Responsibilities, enrol now at Sea Safe Boat School. The best boating school in Australia! Contact us now at 0418923004!

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Mike Watson, owner and operator of Sea Safe Boat School, has over 35 years of sea-going experience. Starting his maritime journey at 15 in Grimsby, England, he's sailed locations like Iceland and Greenland. Certified as a Master-5 Trainer, Mike is now dedicated to offering courses to those pursuing their recreational skippers ticket in Perth.