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Learn Boating and Be a Boater

Want to hit the waters but tired of being just a passenger? Maybe you want to learn boating as a hobby or as a career. Well, whatever your reasons are, it is an excellent choice to chose boating. But before you can sail, you are required to have your own Skippers Ticket Hillarys so you can drive a boat legally and of course, safely. The Skippers Ticket serves as your license as a boater. You can get your Skippers License at Sea Safe Boat School Hillarys, one of the leading Perth boat school. Once you have your own Skippers Ticket Hillarys, you can now hit the waters and enjoy the calming seas.

When you decide to become a boater, there are questions you should ask yourself like the main reason for boating, what type of boat you should buy and who will be on your crew. These questions will lead you to the type of boater that you want to be and the activities that you want to do as a boater. If you enrol at Sea Safe Boat School Hillarys, you will learn a lot more about boating that will help you decide which boat you want and what type of boater you want to become. After you graduate from your course, you will also be able to get your own Skippers Ticket Hillarys. We provide the best knowledge and training the best way we know-how.

Tips When You Want To Learn Boating

The Benefits of Boating

  • If you become a boater, there will be lots of benefits that you can gain from it. It can be a good exercise for you and also a good way to remove stress since you can unwind and only think of fun instead of stressful work and other problems. You can also call your family and enjoy boating with you, it will also be a good way to have a bonding. The sea can give you relaxation and it can calm your mind from the busy streets of the city. It can be the best escape from your busy city life.

Buying a Boat

  • There are different types of boats that you can buy. Each type of vessel is used for a certain activity. So the boat that you are going to buy depends on the activities you are planning to do. Of course, the size will depend on how many people you plan on taking with you during the boating trip. There’s also a choice of buying a new boat or a used one. However, it is recommended to get a new boat. A new one will always ensure safety because you are sure that what you are buying is free from past damages and repair. But if you can’t commit to buying a boat, try boat share instead.

Budgeting for a Boat

  • Boating is worth your investment. Most new boats even come less expensive than your average cars. You are probably thinking that boating is not in your budget, but boating is actually a fun activity like your usual sports. The difference is that you can own a boat that you can use multiple times anytime you want. You can bring your family with you and enjoy the trip! The experience of boating and having a boat is worth every penny. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

Learn Boating with Sea Safe Boat School!

There are other more things that you should keep in mind when planning to become a boater. All of those things can only be learned at Sea Safe Boat School Hillarys. So, enroll now and give it a go! Who knows, boating could be your best memories in life. Surely, you will never regret anything!

If you want to Learn Boating, then you should first earn your Skippers Ticket Hillarys and be a licensed boater. For details, contact us now at 0418923004!

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Mike Watson, owner and operator of Sea Safe Boat School, has over 35 years of sea-going experience. Starting his maritime journey at 15 in Grimsby, England, he's sailed locations like Iceland and Greenland. Certified as a Master-5 Trainer, Mike is now dedicated to offering courses to those pursuing their recreational skippers ticket in Perth.