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Why We Should Have Skippers Ticket

Category: Blog Posted on October 1, 2020

Have you recently purchased a new boat? Imagine the excitement of setting sail on the open waters.  Fishing, exploring and relaxing is what a having a boat is all about. However before you go out and organise a sailing party, you do need to get your skippers ticket. This requires a skippers ticket test but it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Below are your questions answered to help you on your way:

Why Should I Sit The Skippers Ticket Test?

Sitting your Skippers ticket test will show your capability behind the helm and confirm your understanding of water rules. Obtaining an RST is not expensive and requires only minimum time. The Skippers ticket Perth involves self-study with practice quizzes and you will need to sit a theory and practical assessment.

Additionally, if you are looking to have a VHF radio on your boat then you need a VHF Radio Licence. Please check our VHF marine radio licence page for more info.

Congratulations, A great day and some happy new skippers

How much is the skippers course?

The skippers licence Perth can be sat at here at the Sea Safe Boat School. We have two courses – Gold and Silver as well as interstate license transfers. The gold costs is $270 all inclusive or $250.pp for group bookings of 3 or more. The silver course is $228.pp all inclusive or $218.pp for group bookings of 3 or more.

What does the course comprise?

The course comprises of a simple multiple choice 40 question quiz. (Usually takes about 15 minutes to complete). Your trainer will then demonstrate the required practical skills and you simply replicate.

The Silver course includes Trip planning, radio procedures & logging on, berthing alongside jetty, boat handling, skipper & crew responsibilities, controlled stopping, fuel and cooling systems, rules & regulations & use of safety equipment. (instructor Demonstrations and custom built boat included).

The Gold course is perfect for those how have  never driven a boat. We will give you extra time and training  on all Driving & Handling of the boat to ensure that you gain valuable experience before you enter your assessment. The course includes Silver course inclusions, certification and all fees & charges and practice driving skills circuit. (No hidden fees). We also offer individual driving lessons and gift vouchers.

Where and when we can get the skippers licence in Perth?

You can get your skippers ticket in Perth with us at Sea Safe Boat school. We are open 7 days a week with courses starting at 8 am to fit in with your busy schedule. You can book the course quickly and simply and we will send through the materials including a practical DVD so you’re read to sit your test at your desired location.

Why should you hire Sea Safe Boat School?

Here at the Sea Safe Boat school, we have over 35 years of experience and have built up an impressive reputation with many happy customers to help them acquire skippers licence. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and friendly. You will be put at ease and made to feel comfortable and ready to get your skippers licence Perth. We also provide a range of materials to ensure you pass. This includes a FREE DVD, FREE practice questions and face-to-face tuition. Your instructor will go over all the main points and happy to answer any questions you have. That is why our skippers ticket test has the highest pass rates. In addition, all our boats are fully air-conditioned with great facilities. Our centre is fully insured and includes free coffee and cold drinks and free parking.

So when you are ready, give us a call and get your skipper’s ticket Perth with us so you can set sail, comfortable in the knowledge that you can safely and competently handle any situation that may arise.

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