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FAQs – Our Boat Courses in Perth

Q. How long will the course take?

A. Depending on which course and how many, between  4 and 4.5 hours. Sea Safe Boat School in Perth course start times can vary slightly, so please leave at least 1 hour either side of your requested course start time.

Q. How many questions are in the quiz?

A. There are 40 multiple choice questions, you must get 34 correct. If there is anything in the workbook that you don’t understand write it down and ask your instructor to explain on the day of the course. We will do question & answer + revision with you on the day.

Q. How can I make the course easier?

A. You must study the Sea Safe Boat School in Perth workbook really well, not just glance at it. Also watch the practical assessment Dvd (will be emailed to you once you make a booking very important) Pick a good tranquil location, and get an experienced trainer (some only have very basic qualifications) with a good all round vessel. Book your course early before the sea breeze comes in.

Q. Whats the best way to pass 1st time?

A. study the workbook & watch the Practical Assessment Dvd thoroughly and complete online practice questions. B. Pick your location carefully, some boat harbours are very busy with large ferries and boats in & out, also open to afternoon sea breezes. Try using the tranquil waters of the swan river, makes the driving assessment so much easier.

Q. What about if it’s raining?

A. No Problems, we have a modern lecture rooms with heating/ cooling and seating, Coffee / tea making facilities, iced water provided. Lecture rooms are located in the beautiful Maylands Marina 38 Hardey Road Maylands.

Q. How Many will be on the course

A. We have only small groups , many students have made new friends who they met on the course.

Q. Can I have a one on one course?

A. No Problem one on ones are quite common. Please email Sea Safe Boat School in Perth for details.

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$198 all inclusive Free Boat use
$170.pp for group bookings of 3 or more


$220.pp for bookings of 3 or more Free Boat use