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FAQs About Skippers License Perth

Category: Blog Posted on November 10, 2020

Australia is one of the best places to enjoy the views of the seas through boating, we have the best beaches for everyone to enjoy. But in order to fully enjoy boating, the Skippers Licence Australia is required. The license will allow you to enjoy boating more since you will be able to drive your own boat with proper training and safety precautions. Boating on your own will be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Being a boater is not easy. Of course, you have to learn all about boating, and there are many things that you should learn, knowing these things will ensure your safety and a whole new level of fun. Luckily, Sea Safe Boat School offers customized boating courses and you can choose which course you want to enroll to. Depending on your knowledge about boating, you should choose the course that suits you. After the boating classes, you will gain more knowledge about boating and you can take up the exam for the Skippers License.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Skippers License

What is the Skippers Ticket?

The Skippers License, also known as the Skippers Ticket is basically the driver’s license of boating. It may be different in each countries. In Australia, it is more of a certificate than a license. It is issued to a person who operates boats. When someone has a Skippers Ticket, you can be assured that he is equipped in driving a boat. It is not renewable and is valid forever.

Why do you Need a Skipper’s Ticket?

The Skippers ticket is required to drive a boat. And if that is not a good reason enough to get your own Skippers License , then think about the fun stuff that you can do while boating. There are lots of activities you can do while boating; with the sea creatures, go swimming, go fishing and diving!

How to get a Skippers Ticket in WA?

  • To get a Skippers Ticket in WA, you will need to pass an assessment or exam by an authorized provider. Other than the examination, you will also need to provide the following:
    • And for younger examiners, Letter of Consent.
    • Proof of Identity
    • Declaration of Medical Fitness.
    • Proof of Eyesight Requirement
  • The authorized Skippers License provider may also conduct training.

What is the youngest age to drive a boat or get a Skippers Ticket in WA?

  • The youngest age requirement to obtain a Skippers Ticket or drive a boat in WA is 14 years old. From ages 14-17, the examiner will need a letter of consent from their guardian.

Be a Skipper now with Sea Safe Boat School!

It is the duty of the skippers Perth to ensure the safety of a boat and the safety of his passengers. So it is also a must for skippers Perth to get a skippers license so that the passengers of the boat will feel at ease, always be mindful of your passenger’s safety. Even though a license is not needed to sail a pleasure boat, ignorance of laws concerning maritime is not excusable by maritime police, and therefore could lead to fines and prosecution. So as a skipper, you need to know what your responsibilities are as a skipper as well as the responsibilities you need to fulfil for your crew.

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Have other questions? You can always visit us online or call us. We are pleased to answer all your queries. Rest assured that we offer quality courses. Try our courses now and start practising your new gained skills!

Sea Safe Boat School is one of the best schools to learn and get your own Skippers License. Enrol now! Contact us at 0418923004!

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