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Easy Way to Learn Boat Driving Lessons

Category: Blog Posted on April 4, 2016

Boating is a lot of fun, but learning how to drive a boat can be difficult but it is so worth it. With Sea Safe Boat School’s Boat Driving Lessons, you can learn about boating the easier way and it is a lot more fun. Nothing is too difficult for us, we can give you exciting and fun boat driving lessons that will surely give you your Skippers Ticket. If you really want to enjoy the fun and thrill of boat driving, then you should enroll now!

When you are boating, you will forget the problems and negativity around you. It can be your perfect escape from your busy city life. You will just enjoy traveling the seas and feel the breeze while it softly touches your face. The feeling will remove the stress away and refresh you. You can also invite your family and friends to enjoy the fun of boating. So if you want to experience the joy of boating, choose the course you want and enroll now at Sea Safe’s Boat Driving lessons.

Here are Sea Safe Boat Driving Lessons and Courses

Skippers Ticket Courses

  • Our Skippers Ticket Courses are divided into three (3); The Bronze Express Course, Silver Course, and Gold Course.



Bronze Express Course

Silver Course

Gold Course








Group of 3 or more


Group of 3 or more


Free use of Boat

All inclusive + Free use of Boat

All inclusive + Free use of Boat


Radio Procedures, Boat Handling, Rules and Regulations and Passenger /Crew Safety

Trip Planning, Radio Procedures and logging on, Berthing alongside jetty, Boat handling, Skipper and Crew responsibilities, Controlled Stopping, Fuel and Cooling Systems, Rules and Regulations and Use of Safety Equipment.

All Silver Course lessons + Certification and all fees and charges and practice driving skills circuit.

(*No hidden Fees)



Instructor Demonstrations

Instructor Demonstrations


Approximately 2 Hours.

3-3.5 Hours

3-3.5 Hours

Boat Handling

  • The Boat handling course can be tailored to the students’ needs. For example, if you purchased a boat and wants a trainer to splice ropes, rig fenders, locate safety equipment and be taught to anchor and berth, we can customize the course for you. You can also complete your Skippers Ticket at the same time in your new vessel. Depending on how many people you have on your boat, we have a 3 hours course which includes one Skipper’s Ticket certification for $300, charges apply of $149 will be charged for any additional Skippers Ticket Required.

Learn Boating with Sea Safe Boat School!

Now that you have seen the offered courses and lessons, you might as well consider enrolling now. While it is still early, I suggest you take your time in enrolling. Training with us might be the best times of your life. Sure you will not regret enrolling in the best boating school! If you want to earn that Skippers Ticket and hit the waters then let Sea Safe Boat School help you as you sail your way to the comforting waves.

If you want to learn boating, enroll now at our Boat Driving Lessons. For an affordable cost, you’ll get your Skippers Ticket! Contact us at 0418923004!

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