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Best Sailing School for Boat Handling

Boating is considered a pleasant pastime, be it with your family and friends or even if you just want to go boating alone. Boating is fun, especially if you have your own Skippers Ticket, you can go on a leisure cruise or a romantic rendezvous with your loved one. It can also improve your health […]

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Purchasing Boats WA | Guidelines on choosing the best

When planning to buy Boats WA, one of the first confusing things to deal with is choosing the type of Boats WA, most commonly inflatable and aluminum boat. Some people get overwhelmed with the types of the boat out there. Well, deciding on what type of boat you should buy is actually simple when you […]

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Why Enroll in Boat Handling Courses

Many people see boating as something that could be easily self-learned. Just a little knowledge on how to set up the sail and everything’s set! Well, the truth is, that can’t possibly be more wrong, boating is not simply riding a boat and driving it like a car. Lack of knowledge in boating safety basics […]

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Planning Your Next Boating Vacation

Sea Safe Boat School’s Best Recreational Skippers Ticket in Perth aims to give you safe and stress-free lessons. We are certain that after taking the course with us, you will be confident enough to take passengers with you and conquer the seas together. We are positive that you would have the skills needed for a safe and […]

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Rules and Guidelines in Getting Australian Boating License

Sea Safe Boat School is proud for providing Skippers Ticket Perth WA and producing the best and competent individuals in the boating industry. We give you complete education from diving regulations, water skiing, vessels to keep clear of diving signals, vessel registration, and all related topics. Not only that, we are also dedicated to producing responsible […]

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How to Properly Maintain and Equip your Boats Perth

Sea Safe’s Boat Handling Course offers a secured and stress-free course. We are happy that for the past years we have developed the necessary skills and confidence to all of our students. Today, they are having fun with their boating skills and they even take passengers with them. Interested in Boats Perth? Sea Safe’s Boat Handling […]

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