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How to Get Your Boat License Perth

If you are tired of facing tables, papers, computer monitors and your office mates, then maybe you need a vacation, and make your vacation worth it. How? Well, you can visit the parks, go on a road trip with your family, stay at home and rest… or you can have fun while traveling the seas […]

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Adult Learn to Sail at Sea Safe Boat School

Boating is so much fun as it relieves stress and overall, it is a fun and enjoyable activity. Did you know that you can actually be the captain when you’re boating? Yes, you can! But of course, you need to first get your Adult Learn To Sail before you can sail a boat. In getting […]

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Hire Boat Perth and Go on Vacation

Boating is one of the many things that you can enjoy during your vacation, so Hire Boat Perth now! It can be your very own escape from the stressful life you have in the city. After days in the cities, you would want to feel the fresh breeze of air. And the best way to […]

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Learn About WA Boat License

The WA Boat License is a certificate of competency that is nationally recognized. It shows that the holder of this ticket already has the basic knowledge and skills that are necessary to safely operate a powerboat. Having an RST will give you the power to conquer the sea and enjoy the scenery. If you want […]

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Learn About Perth Boat Share

If you are passionate about boating and being on the seas and waters, then maybe you would be interested in Perth Boat Share. We are committed to teaching you to become skilled and armed in boating. We will make sure that all of our students will enjoy safe boating through the acquisition of various skills […]

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Best Perth Boating School

Ahoy Seafarers! We have a great news for you! This time on Sea Safe Perth Boating School, we are going to talk about boat handling. We are going to discuss what you will learn in boat handling and why you should learn it. How about we start with the basics? So there you are, with […]

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What Does a Boating School Offer

Tired of stressful work and boredom during holidays? Maybe its time you get a fun and exciting hobby! Why not go to a Boating School? Boating is one of the most fun and thrilling hobby that you can learn. It is a plus that you’re stepping up your recreational activity and it will help you […]

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Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency

Being alone in the middle of the sea will guarantee comfort and pure serenity but when you’re out alone at sea and trouble comes along, the first thing you’ll want to do is ask for help. But do you even know how to? More importantly, have you passed the Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of […]

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Best Sailing School for Boat Handling

Boating is considered a pleasant pastime, be it with your family and friends or even if you just want to go boating alone. Boating is fun, especially if you have your own Skippers Ticket, you can go on a leisure cruise or a romantic rendezvous with your loved one. It can also improve your health […]

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Purchasing Boats WA | Guidelines on choosing the best

When planning to buy Boats WA, one of the first confusing things to deal with is choosing the type of Boats WA, most commonly inflatable and aluminum boat. Some people get overwhelmed with the types of the boat out there. Well, deciding on what type of boat you should buy is actually simple when you […]

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