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Learn to Sail Before Launching a Boat

Are you the type of person that enjoys the company of a good ocean and a nice boat to sail with? Well, if you are just a new boater, then there’s a wide sea waiting for you out there. This enjoyable hobby is filled with other fun activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing or […]

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Boat Ramps Perth | Fun Activities to Try With Your Boat

What is there for me after learning more about Boat Ramps Perth?  Getting to know more about the Boat Ramps Perth, passing the boating courses,  and earning your Skippers Ticket, hmm, you must be tumbling crazily now. Why? Because you have every reason and privilege to enjoy the boating world. You get to even adore […]

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Main Parts of a Boat Vessel

Sailing a boat could be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. You get to enjoy the scenery of the ocean while you go against the waves and chase the horizon. Sailing can make you escape your busy city life as you isolate yourself in the ocean but you can only do this […]

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Application for Boating License WA

Have you ever heard of a Skipper? Well if not yet, a skipper is a person who has the ability and authority to operate a boating vessel.  Isn’t it cool? If you want to become a holder of the Boating License WA, the first step is to start spending time on boats and get used […]

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Learn More About Sailing License Australia

Hi there! Have you ever imagined yourself driving a boat? If you have, let us make it possible. Go and learn boating now to get your very own Sailing License Australia. The Sailing License Australia is a qualification based on a set of competencies that have been adopted by all government marine safety authorities in […]

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Types of Boating Vessels A Skipper Should Know

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Skipper and not just being a passenger? Well, if you want to become a boater, as a career or as a hobby, it is important to get a skippers license so that you can truly and fully enjoy boating. Of course, one of the things you have to […]

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Advantages Of Perth Boat Charters

If you want to own a boat but do not have time to handle and maintain your vessel when it’s not used, then we have a better option for you. Buying and owning a boat can be easy but the maintenance part is the tough one. You might not have the time or the sufficient […]

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Skipper Certificate and Boaters’ Marine Radio

The VHF Marine Radios are two-way radios that are used by the holders of the Skipper Certificate for communication and during emergency situations making it one of the most vital parts of boating. Without the Marine Radio, you may not be permitted to travel the seas since if you have trouble, there will be no […]

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Easy Way to Learn Boat Driving Lessons

Boating is a lot of fun, but learning how to drive a boat can be difficult but it is so worth it. With Sea Safe Boat School’s Boat Driving Lessons, you can learn about boating the easier way and it is a lot more fun. Nothing is too difficult for us, we can give you […]

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Why Enroll in Boat School Perth

Boating is considered a pleasant pastime, be it with your family and friends or even if you want to go boating alone. There are also lots of opportunities that you can enjoy especially if you have a Skippers Ticket – you can go on a leisure cruise or a romantic rendezvous with your loved one. […]

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