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Boat Trips Perth | How to Ensure Safety in the Waters

boat trips perth

Before you get excited on your planned boat trips Perth, have you already made sure that it will be safe? Yes, boat trips Perth are unique and refreshing when it comes to experience, but you must not forget that there’s still danger lurking around. That is why you must be prepared for any danger as much as you are prepared to have fun.

We will help you ensure the safety of your boat trips Perth. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

How to Ensure Boat Trips Perth Safety


Wear Your Life Jacket

Do you see or remember that life jacket you bought for your boat? It is not simply for your boat to have decorations. It is meant to be used every time you are in the waters. You’ll never know when an accident can happen, that is why it is best to be always prepared.

Make sure that your passengers are also following this rule. Check on them regularly to see that they are wearing it at all times.

Stay Sober Before and During Boating

“Don’t drink and drive” doesn’t just apply to vehicles on land. It can also be applied to boat safety. It is dangerous to operate a boat when under the influence of any alcoholic drinks.

To ensure everyone’s safety, make sure that you have not consumed any alcoholic drinks hours before the trip. Your mind has to be clear and sound. Not to mention that drinking while operating a boat can be punishable by law.

Be Mindful of the Weather

Always check local weather conditions before departure; TV and radio forecasts can be a good source of information. If you notice darkening clouds, volatile and rough changing winds or sudden drops in temperature, play it safe by getting off the water.

Take a Boating Course

You have to be boat-smart when you plan boat trips Perth. When you attend a boating school, you will learn everything you’ll need to know.

Learn to Swim

Every boater must know how to swim. In case something bad happens, there will always be an easy way out, and that is to dive from the boat and swim. Learning to swim is also a part of proper boat trips safety for your information. In addition, you must always bring a first aid kit with you. This is to ensure you can address incidents from small scratches to big nicks and everything in between.

It’s a good thing that Sea Safe Boat School specializes in this category! Call us today at 0418 923 004 and get started!


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