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Boat Handling

The boat handling course can be tailored to your specific needs i.e. a new boat has just been purchased and the owner wants a trainer to splice ropes, rig fenders, locate safety equipment & be shown how to anchor and berth etc. You can also complete your Skippers ticket at the same time in your new vessel.

Sea Safe Boat School will send a master trainer to you and can also take you on a familiarization trip to your desired location.

Many people new to boating like a skipper to accompany them on a trip down river or over to Carnac Island, Rockingham etc. All of the skills above can be incorporated into this day out.

Boat Handling Course

we offer hourly course which can includes one skipper’s ticket certification ,

Try a boat handling course before you do your skippers ticket. Or boat driving lessons $100 p/h most people can pick up the skills required within 1-2 hours easily

Boat handling & familiarization courses are run on demand at $100 per hour + Skippers ticket cost

 why not try a refresher course (theory & Practical courses  $170. P/P   go to our refresher course page 


Please feel free to send an e-mail requesting your requirements or call 0418923004 .


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