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What Will A Sailing School Perth Teach You?

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Planning on enrolling to a Boating School? Well, if you are interested in boating and sailing and you want to have full experience with it, you should learn boating and enroll in a Sailing School Perth and be a holder of a Skippers Ticket.

Of course, when you become a holder of the Skippers ticket , you should also know your responsibilities as a boater. Being a Skippers ticket’s holder comes with certain responsibilities that you should never forget, so here are some of those responsibilities. These responsibilities will be taught in a Sailing School Perth so if you are confused what to learn there, you might want to know these information.

Things A Sailing School Perth Will Teach You

Safety, above all else

The skipper is responsible for the safety of his crew and the vessel. He needs to ensure safety and prepare for anything that might happen. It would help to listen to the radio and see if there are signs of an upcoming storm. You should also prepare a Skipper’s bag which contains emergency first aid kit and other necessary kits that will help you like multi-tool, flash light and extra batteries.

Proper vessel operation

Vessel operation is almost like driving, except that it is a little more complicated than that. Of course, you have to know the rules on operating your vessel in order to drive safely. You also have to know all the functions of each keys, buttons and tools that are used so that in case of emergencies, you won’t have a problem with driving the boat.

Getting to know your crew

Know your crew, their abilities and skills. It is important to create a good communication and relationship with your crew so that when their assistance is required, you can easily call the exact person that you need for a specific task.


Planning is very important. You have to plan your route before you go boating. You also have to plan emergency route in case there are unexpected storm or situations when you need to go in a different way. Also, don’t forget to plan out activities for the enjoyment of your crew. Make sure to have fun, don’t forget to bring snacks and enjoy the activity!

We should never stop learning as learning new things everyday is a great way to expand our own horizon. Interested in learning to sail? Go to that nearest Sailing School Perth and enroll yourself! For great boating experience, enroll yourself in Sea Safe Boat School, contact us now or visit us online today!

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