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Tips to Handling Your Boat with Confidence

Boating is a fun and exciting activity that helps you relax and enjoy an incredible experience with your family and friends. Learning how to drive a boat is vital since you would not want to ruin the excitement of everyone coming to celebrate your big as a captain of your boat.

Thus, it’s best to reach out to Sea Safe Boat School to get a skippers ticket training Perth and a boating licence after going through the boater handling course and safety training.

Sea Safe Boat School is the best skippers ticket provider and will offer you a skipper’s ticket Perth licence and an inclusive package of boater safety courses.

Is Driving A Boat Easy?

Driving a boat is an incredible experience, and understanding perfectly what to do before operating the boat makes it even more exhilarating and unforgettable.

Before driving a boat, it’s vital to acquire a boating license after undergoing skippers training Perth and learning the boater safety course at Sea Safe Boat School.

Some of the things you should know before and when driving a boat include:

  • Sailing the boat at low speeds since speeding can lead to fatal boat accidents
  • It’s essential to wear your life safety jacket when boating
  • Check the weather changes and, if possible, use a barometer to predict the weather changes accurately
  • Follow all the necessary precautionary measures when boating and the rules of navigation.

How to Drive a Boat in Rough Water

Cruising through strong waves and high winds is a situation that requires extra caution and care when returning to the dock. Some of the safety tips for sailing through rough seas or heavy wind conditions include:

  • Identifying the direction of the wind, wind speed and position of the clouds. This will significantly help in determining whether a storm is approaching.
  • Make it a habit to follow the Australia National Weather Services to help you know the possible warnings, weather patterns and wind speed.
  • Sail slowly when stuck in bad weather since it increases your stability and offers you more time to react.
  • It’s advisable to ride through the waves than to face them when driving in rough water. You should follow a zig-zag motion and approach the waves at an angle for the best results.

What to Do To Avoid Colliding With another Boat

A collision occurs if you or the other pilot operating a vessel fails to follow the required navigation rules. A crash can be minor with no damage or loss or a major incident that results in severe damage to the vessel or loss of life.

Below are some of the recommendations you can follow to avoid colliding with another boat:

  • Go slow in areas of low visibility or during the night
  • Follow through with all the international and local navigation rules
  • Be careful with the changing climate or weather conditions and look out for other vessels when turning
  • Maintain extra care and slow speeds near the docks
  • Give way to sailboats, vessels and commercial ships that are restricted in their ability to maneuver.

Get Your Boating Licence Today and Enjoy Boating

Get your recreational skippers ticket Perth at Sea Safe Boat School. We are a reputable and credible authorized RST training provider in Perth. We provide skippers ticket Perth licenses and the best deal on boating courses.

We also offer a VHF radio license and extra training on handling and driving the boat to gain valuable experience before undertaking your assessment with total confidence.

Contact our highly professional support team to answer any of your inquiries and get more information about our services. 

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