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Some Hidden Benefits Of Having A Boating License

boating license Boat School Perth

Some may think that the only benefit of having a Boating License is so you can sail a boat, if you’re one of the people who think that way, well you’re wrong. There are more than just one benefit of having a Boating License. Interesting right? In fact, there’s a health benefit to it! Want to know them?

Some Health Benefits Of Boating License

Reason #1: A Touch of Nature

Simple; exposure to nature is healthy. You get to breathe fresh air that would free your nostrils from polluted air coming from the city, fill your sight with great outdoor sceneries, get your skin sun-kissed, and be soaked in fresh salt water. That equals to oxygen, stress reliever, vitamin D, and natural healing properties accordingly.

Reason #2: Healthy Diet

Whether you catch your food, yourself, or you buy it from the nearby market, the food you get from the coast and the sea are usually fresh. Considering most of these fresh items are seafood, then that equals to a meal packed with omega-3, protein, B-complex vitamins, vitamins A and D, iodine, zinc, calcium and a GREAT lot more. And to emphasize it clearer, here’s a vague description of a seafood diet health benefits:

  • It helps nerve growth in the retina and improves vision.
  • It helps in improving the nervous system, especially of kids.
  • It helps strengthen muscles and build stronger tissues.
  • It’s good for the heart. It helps prevent heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps promote a smoother blood circulation.

Reason #3: Having Fun the Healthy Way

Whether from swimming, getting the sails up, partying, or any other activity done while sailing, you have no choice but to have some exercise… and you won’t even notice it! This is because you just can’t sulk in your room and play games, surf the Internet or drown yourself with things technology can confine you in the whole day. You’ll have no choice but to experience something else.


Go on Vacation with Your Boating License


Well, yes, you can and you may still bring your iPhone, iPad, Notebook, etc. Still, whatever happens, exposure to technology would still be limited. In addition, the sea would most likely be too distracting for anyone to concentrate on their gadgets. There would be more time for bonding with real human beings, especially friends and families. Oh, and, by the way, less technology also means less radiation.

So there, just a piece of cake from the whole party of benefits you can get from sailing. Now, you have more reasons to plan your next vacation to the nearest beach or coastal learn how to sail first if you don’t have enough idea about it. You can enroll at our very own Sea Safe Boat School to get to know more about sailing life and gain your Boating License. Then, together with your friends and family, you can experience sailing yourself away from stress and worries.

It is just that easy! It may sound difficult at first, but slowly, you’ll realize it’s smooth sailing. Plus, everything is worth it! Getting your Boating License and going on vacation will pay all effort, money, and time!

Contact us today at 0418923004 or visit us today!

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