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Rules and Guidelines in Getting Australian Boating License

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Sea Safe Boat School is proud for providing Skippers Ticket Perth WA and producing the best and competent individuals in the boating industry. We give you complete education from diving regulations, water skiing, vessels to keep clear of diving signals, vessel registration and all related topics. Not only that, we are also dedicated in producing responsible Skippers Ticket owners.

Today, we will give some tips and hints related to the pollution and environment in connection with boating education. As a boating expert, you also need to know the laws related to marine pollution and what you should do to avoid penalties and have a more enjoyable experience.

Before getting a Skippers Ticket Perth WA, check out the following information:

  • Be informed about the international and state laws about water pollution such as rubbish, oil, plastics and sewage. Take note that there is a high penalty for violation, hence, make sure that you dispose your marine wastes properly.
  • Be reminded that most pollution policies related to boating says that there should be no dumping of the following:

o   Oil or toxic substances for example plastics, ropes, synthetic fishing nets and lines

o   Food wastes, paper products, metals, etc.

  • To manage your waste during boating, ensure that you planned for everything well such as your waste disposal. You can arrange to store all your wastes in proper storage.  In everything you do do not throw your garbage in the ocean.
  • Always check your bilges and keep it dry and clean all the time.
  • Ensure that you check your fuel lines and seals and be quick to address oil leaks.
  • During refueling, ensure that you know how much fuel you need to prevent spillage.  Fuel greatly damages the ocean, be careful with it.

It is important for every boating student to remember that he does not only follow the rules and regulation on marine pollution to prevent penalties but rather to help the environment flourish.

The Best Skippers Ticket Perth WA will not only teach you to get the license but it will mold you with proper values, knowledge and attitude to become a successful skipper. We are honored that for the past years, we have successfully produced skilled skippers who also advocate for the environment.

Our Best Skippers Ticket Perth WA guarantees that you get the best teaching and standard skippers education. We always ensure that you enjoy boating adventure with your family and friends as safely and secured as possible for a guaranteed fun and excitement.

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