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Skippers Ticket Maylands | Recreational Skipper’s Ticket

Australian Boating License

The Recreational Skippers Ticket Maylands is a qualification based on a set of competencies that have been adopted by all government marine safety authorities in Australia to contribute and to promote the safe use of waterways and awareness of the boating safety. The assessment of these competencies are divided in two sections, the theory and practical.

Sea Safe Boat School is one of the leading provider of great boating classes where you can get your own Recreational Skippers Ticket Maylands . If you are planning to enter boating schools to get your skipper’s ticket, you should first know all about it. It is a good foundation that you know everything about it; it’s purpose, how to get it and the likes.

Here’s what you should know about the Recreational Skippers Ticket Maylands

Who has to have one?

  • A person that should hold an RST is someone who is in charge of a recreational vessel propelled by a motor greater than 6 hp ( 4.5kW ).

Is there an Age Limit?

  • People that are older than 14 years of age may hold a Recreational Skippers Ticket Maylands . RST Holders aged from 14 but under 16 however are restricted to operate during daylight hours and at a speed not exceeding 8 knots.

How to Get the RST?

  • To be able to obtain the recreational Skippers Ticket Maylands , you must have your knowledge and skills assessed by an RST authorized assessor. The assessment will cover the theoretical and practical areas.

Theoretical Area

  • A 40 question multiple choice paper will assess your knowledge and understanding of rules and regulations, collision avoidance, navigation lights, maintenance, safety equipment, safe operations and emergencies. You will need to get at least 34 questions correct before progressing to the practical assessment.

Practical Area

  • The practical assessment will take about 30 minutes and will require you to demonstrate a well conducted boating trip, including preparation and boating maneuvering. The specific task that will be assessed includes operating the vessel within the marine safety rules and regulations throughout the assessment; checking the condition of the vessel’s berthing and mooring equipment and securing the vessel, conducting a safety briefing for all on board; preparing and starting the motor safely; logging a voyage plan; safely departing; determining your position by using navigational marks, transits and other landmarks; performing a controlled stop; and finally logging off.

An applicant will be able to undertake only one practical assessment per day. If he fails, booking for another assessment on a different day is required. You can avoid failing though, especially if you learn from the best school such as Sea Safe Boat School.

Now that you know how to get the recreational Skippers Ticket Maylands , you can get your own! For more information, contact us now at 0418923004!


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