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Skippers Ticket in Perth

Simply the best trainers and facilities in Perth

Get your recreational skippers ticket Maylands! Sea Safe Boat School offers you the opportunity to learn from highly qualified, friendly instructors. With years working in the arctic circle, we have extensive sea time experience that well surpasses most people in Perth. We understand life can get busy sometimes so we offer the flexibility of 7 day trade. Skipper course start at 8 am and usually go for about 5.5 hours.

Do I need a skippers ticket in WA?

To be skippers in Perth you need to take a skipper ticket test. It is vital to demonstrate that you have an in-depth understanding of water rules and prove how capable you are behind the helm. The test will entail both a theoretical and practical component with the self-study being required. The process is inexpensive and doesn’t require a large time commitment to practice quizzes are provided. Therefore to answer the question, yes you need to have skippers ticket in WA.

Can you drive a boat without a licence? If your boat has a motor greater than 6hp (or 4.5kw) then the person in charge of the vehicle is required to hold a recreational skippers ticket in Perth.

Where and when I can get a skippers ticket in Perth?

At Sea Safe Boat School, we offer the best quality training if you want to be skippers Perth but finding the right time can be hard. Luckily, we make it easy for you. With courses available 7 days a week, starting from as early as 8 am, you can easily find a way to slot your training into your busy schedule. The course can be booked quickly and easily with all necessary materials being sent to you. You just need to complete 40 questions, multiple-choice quiz which is usually completed in around 15 minutes. After this, you’ll just need to replicate the practical skills demonstrated by your trainer.

Why choose Sea Safe Boat school?

If you are looking for the top boating school Perth choose Sea Safe Boat school. We’ve built up a solid reputation as the best way to get a boat skippers ticket in WA. Our incredibly friendly, highly qualified instructors will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

We actually want you to pass and provide a wide range of materials to ensure that you do. These include completely complementary materials like practice questions, a DVD and face to face tuition. In fact, we can do anything the customer requires from extra tuition, boat driving lessons to one on one courses (extra costs apply). Our knowledgeable instructors will cover all the essential points and can answer any questions you may want to ask. It’s this great service that ensures that we have the highest pass rates.

Want to upskill more? Also, see our marine radio licence page and for those of you who want to refresh the boating skills, we have the boating refresher course for you.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 0418923004 or book your skippers ticket online and get your skippers ticket Perth. See our courses below.


$248.pp all inclusive.  person who has boat driving expiereince.

$238.pp for group bookings of 3 or more

This is our most popular course for the beginner. Course includes Trip planning, Radio procedures & logging on, berthing alongside jetty, boat handling, Skipper & crew responsibilities, Controlled stopping, Fuel and cooling systems, Rules & Regulations & use of safety equipment. ( instructor Demonstrations included) Use of our custom built vessel included!

Instructor demonstrates skills & you simply copy. Easy!

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GOLD COURSE. Extra tuition

$280 all inclusive.  If you have never driven a boat. (We give extra tuition)

$270.pp for group bookings of 3 or more

Not Feeling 100% confident in your boat handling & Driving skills?, never driven a boat ,then this is the course for you. We will give you  Extra time and training  on Driving & Handling of the boat to ensure that you gain valuable experience before you enter your assessment totally confident. Includes Silver course inclusions, certification and all fees & charges and practice driving skills circuit. (No hidden fees) and with the gold course a free 2nd attempt should you need it.

Instructor demonstrates skills & you simply copy. Easy! Use of our custom built vessel included!

For more course info.

Please  go to the home page.

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Interstate license transfers $99.00

You simply supply a copy of your interstate boat license (skippers ticket in Perth), fill in 2 forms and we send to DOT for processing. A temporary license is issued immediately.

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