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Sailing License Sydney Australia Facts About Boats

Sailing License Sydney Australia sailing lessons perth Sailing License Australia

As a holder of Sailing License Sydney Australia, you should not only be knowledgeable on how to drive the boat. It is also important that you know something about boating, its history, and facts about the boating vessel. If you want to be a great skipper, then we are going to help expand your knowledge about boating; expand your knowledge as you conquer the seas!

Sea Safe Boating School is one of the leading boating school and we do our best to help our Sailing License Sydney Australia holders so for this time, we have gathered interesting fact about boating that every skipper should know!

Here are Sailing License Sydney Australia Facts about Boats

  • Some of the smaller boats that are used today are canoes, kayaks, dinghies and rowboats. These boats are usually designed for inland waterways including lakes, rivers and bays.
  • Some of the larger boats usually called as ships; include cargo ships, cruise ships, yachts, and sailboats. Ships are designed to travel the bigger part of the waters, seas, and oceans.
  • The oldest boats found by archaeologists are called Pesse Canoes which are believed to be between 7,000 to 10,000 years old.
  • Evidence from ancient references that exist prove that boats have been used 900,000 years ago as well as the prehistoric times.
  • The hull of the boat is the main body of the boat excluding the sail, motor or oars. The left side is referred to as the port side while the right side is referred to as the starboard side. The front of the boat is called bow and the back is called the stern. The boat’s width at the widest point from the starboard to the port side is called the boat’s beam.
  • Houseboats are the term for boats where people live. These boats have a very similar inside to a house. Most houseboats aren’t used for transportation at all and just stay in one place.
  • Ferries are the boats that are used to carry cars and people across lakes. There are ferries that are built to carry hundreds of cars while there are others that are only built to carry a few.
  • Boats are built to be very strong, however, collision with other boats or objects can still cause the boat to sink. In 1987, the ferry named Dona Paz collided with an oil tanker which causes 4,375 deaths. Another popular ferry that has sunk due to collision with an iceberg is the Titanic. This ship was considered unsinkable but had a tragic accident in 1912. 1,517 people died when the ship sunk.

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