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Sailing Lessons at Sea Safe Boat School

Category: Blog Posted on October 13, 2020

Boating is a lot of fun, but taking sailing lessons can be difficult though it is surely worth the experience. However, with Sea Safe Boat School’; the best Boating School in Australia, you can learn Sailing Lessons the easier way with a twist because it’s going to be fun and exciting, surely, the experience of a lifetime. If you really want to enjoy the fun and thrill of boat driving, then you should enroll now!

When you are in a Boating School, you will forget the problems and negativity around you plus you will enjoy the fresh air and you will just enjoy travelling the seas and feel the breeze while it softly touches your face. The feeling will remove the stress away and refresh you if you need to escape life for a bit, go boating. You can also invite your family and friends to enjoy the fun of boating. So if you want to experience the joy of boating, choose the course you want and enrol now at Sea Safe’s Sailing Lessons.

Here’s Boating School Sailing Course Perth

Skippers Ticket Courses

  • Our Skippers Ticket Courses are divided into three (3); The Bronze Express Course, Silver Course, and Gold Course.



Bronze Express Course

Silver Course

Gold Course








Group of 3 or more


Group of 3 or more


Free use of Boat

All inclusive + Free use of Boat

All inclusive + Free use of Boat


Radio Procedures, Boat Handling, Rules and Regulations and Passenger /Crew Safety

Trip Planning, Radio Procedures and logging on, Berthing alongside jetty, Boat handling, Skipper and Crew responsibilities, Controlled Stopping, Fuel and Cooling Systems, Rules and Regulations and Use of Safety Equipment.

All Silver Course lessons + Certification and all fees and charges and practice driving skills circuit.

(*No hidden Fees)



Instructor Demonstrations

Instructor Demonstrations


Approximately 2 Hours.

3-3.5 Hours

3-3.5 Hours

Boat Handling

  • The Boat handling course can be tailored to the students needs. We understand that all students are different. For example if you purchased a boat and wants a trainer to splice ropes, rig fenders, locate safety equipment and be taught to anchor and berth, we can customize the course for you. We sure cater to our students needs. You can also complete your Skippers Ticket at the same time in your new vessel. Depending on how many people you have on your boat, we have a 3 hours course which includes one Skipper’s Ticket certification for $300, charges apply of $149 will be charged for any additional Skippers Ticket Required.

You can also read our other articles about the Reasons to Enroll Boating ClassesFrequently Asked Questions about the Skippers Ticket and The Different Boating Equipment.

Learning to drive a boat is like learning to drive a car, except that two things work a little differently: you can’t make sharp turns or sudden stops in driving a boat plus you are driving on water, not on the road. You will need to be extra careful about your driving to stay on course and avoid accidents or wrong turns, unlike roads, the water doesn’t have lines. The first and most important thing in boat driving lessons are the basics. Do not neglect these basics because basics are your foundation for becoming an expert. Just like learning how to drive a car. You need to know how the controls work, make sure that everything is working in order and the boat has the right fluids and enough amount of them to get you where you are going.

If you are interested in learning to drive a boat, want to have more intensive experience or better practice, you should enroll in a boating school program to attain the skills you need. Remember that you should learn a lot of things when it comes to boating: water depths, steering, docking, undocking, and sharing the water. All these elements will make you a safer boater.

There are a lot of boat driving lessons that are offered for all types of recreational boaters and for boaters of all ages. Boat handling has two parts though it has a lot of complex activities. The first part is art, which is developed with time and practice. The second part is science, which is developed through good boat handling education.

Some topics covered in boat driving lessons

  1. The boat that is best for you: You’ll know about the materials for building up a boat, boater’s language, and types of boats, uses of boats, Coast Guard Customer information line, marine surveyors and building a boat.
  2. Boat Handling: fueling your boat, jet drives, getting started, leaving a pier, “man” overboard, docking, mooring to a permanent anchor, and towing a skier, small boat safety.

This will also include following the rules and to whom do the rules apply, general responsibility rule, general considerations, conduct in narrow channels, traffic separation schemes, and stand-on or give way, vessel traffic services, rules for special vessels and risk of collision.

  1. Powering your boat: They’ll teach you the type of engines, marine engines, how to select a propeller, induction systems, ignition systems, flame arresters, cooling systems, batteries, maintenance, sprint fitting-out, and troubleshooting.
  2. Boat Equipment: Requirements for your boat, your boat’s equipment, legal considerations, substance abuse, boating accident reports.

Taking Sailing Course Perth at Sea Safe Boat School!

It is always best to have boat driving lessons before anything else. Learning to drive a boat is not an easy task. It requires time, effort and willingness to learn. You have to know how to follow the safety rules whenever you will be boating and how to handle yourself in case of an emergency.

Even if the sailing lessons could be hard, the trainers got your back! They can make it easy for you because they are dedicated to training you. They can mold you into becoming a skipper someday if that’s what you are aspiring to become. Be the captain of your own boat now by taking the course with us!

Sea Safe Boat School is that best Boating School that offers Sailing Lessons at the best prices. Grab this opportunity now! Contact us at 0418 923 004!

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