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Hi Michael
Thank you again for taking me on my skippers ticket today. Your professional knowledge and the way you run your course made it a pleasure to do. I was super nerouvous before the day started but was soon very comfortable knowing I was in good hands, it was worth the 2 hour drive to get there this morning. I would highly recommend you to anyone that needs to do their ticket.
Cheers and happy boating
Jake  Walker     14/9/18

Aaron Jenkins

 2 hours ago

Michael was an excellent teacher and answered every question that was asked. Friendly and skilled instructor. well worth it. i would strongly recommend people to use this service. He also has a guarantee if you don’t pass you come back for free. excellent service.  11/7/18


Just now

Thanks A J it really makes the job very worthwhile getting reviews like this. Great meeting you stay safe regards Mike Watson



Matt Schneider reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star  19/5/18

Highly recommend. Michael was brilliant. All round good bloke and professional. Knows his stuff. Cheers for the experience.

Dan Clements reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star  19/5/18

Mike is an utter professional and made everyone feel at ease. Highly recommend him for anyone wishing to undertake their recreational skippers ticket!

Mandy N Philip Heppleston Do as Michael says,’read the work book’ ‘watch the video’.
You really can’t go wrong.
Surprised myself been a novice, but well chuffed. 🚤🚤

Kathie Sharp reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

A really well delivered course Michael, your friendly, easygoing attitude made the morning a delight. Thanks john Pearson  15/5/18

hey mate,
i thought the course went very well and it was great having you go through the theory at the start which was very helpful.  also the practice attempts for the practical assesment were very helpful.  i think you did a great job and i can’t  fault any part of how you ran the course.  i have also left a good reveiw on your facebook page.  thanks for your help with getting my skippers ticket and i will deffinately reccomend you to anyone.
kind regards
Jonathon  Mc Walters     9/5/18
Jonathon William reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
3 hrslent course tought by a very professional and experienced skipper. Michael was very clear and helpful with understanding what was required for a successful completion. I would definitely recommend him to others who are looking to do the course  thanks Michael

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the day it was really enjoyable. Your expert teaching really helped us. We were total novices and your patience explaining and demonstrating the intricate moves (repeatedly) and the more difficult parts of the theory really helped us. Besides that you went the extra mile after the course and gave us added tips and tricks and shared your knowledge with us. That was really appreciated, once again thank you. I will certainly recommend your school to prospective skippers.

We will give you a holler when passing you on the water (on the correct side at the correct speed).

Cheers Craig Goodson   5/5/18

Narelle Cowland reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Highly recommend Sea Safe Boat School for skippers ticket. For someone who has had no previous boating experiences, Mike’s great teaching skills makes the tasks make sense. Great teaching room facilities and practical training area on the river. Thanks for a great day. Narelle Cowland    5/5/18

Dennis Bishop to Sea Safe Boat School

Hi Michael thank you for today I am made up to have my skippers ticket which was all down to you. Your training was absolutely perfect you drummed it into us I would totally recommend you to anyone wanting to do the skippers test. The air conditioned classroom made all the difference and your boat was brilliant.
Thanks again Dennis Bishop     4/5/18


Hi Michael,

First of all thankyou for today everything went smooth and very well. The way the course was structured was unfaultable and next to none. The way the information and training in regards to theory and practical was delivered came in a way of ease of understanding and in no way hard of retainable which all came down to the instructors experience and knowledge.  All in all a very successful day and a big thankyou to Mike with your expertise and training I can now be a confident skipper and not just another statistic in the sea. cheers  mate

Regards Eddie Hermet

Fraser Nicol reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 sta

Highly recommended using Sea safe boat school. Michael was professional and a great teacher. Made the theory make a lot of sense and easy in an open forum to ask and discuss all topics. The online movies and test look daunting but Michael makes you feel competent and confident. 28/4/18

Eddie Hermet reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Sea safe boat school is very professional and a great place for skippers. Had an awesome time and the instructor is a great guy and puts in a lot of effort. Cheers mick

Thanks Mick, I will definitely be recommending you other people. Your teaching method and wealth of past and present marine experience, along with your classroom facility and excellent boat made for a great learning environment and your cheerful disposition put everyone in the course at ease.  15 /4 /18
Thanx mick for a great day i like your way of teaching very professional and very well explained 13/4/18
Hi Mick
Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your course, nothing was to much trouble for you .
Your setup is the best, great boat, great room and  Absolute great instruction.
There are lots of companies who should take onboard your customer service.
Many thanks Jim Walsh.   31/3/18
 Thanks very much mike such a really good trainer that knows his stuff highly recommended👍👍👍
Hi Michael
Thanks for your tuition it was first class
I had a really enjoyable experience and would highly recommend your course. You obviously have years of real experience and I think that shines through.
I don’t have much to compare with but I don’t think I have any obvious changes to your format.
I must also say a big thank you for my ‘upgrade’. I doubt I could have passed without the extra tuition.
Thanks again.
Best wishes
Cheers  Andrew
Shae Bayard reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Felt at ease with knowledgeable Mike, really adapted your needs, Great course friendly and really good facilities

A very enjoyable course. Thanks Mike 24/3/18

 Bill Robinson
Boat skippers course with my son ,both of us passed , was well conducted and very thorough.

Thanks heaps Mike      18/3/18


Hey there Mike,

Just want to say today was an absolute pleasure, as a complete begginer you were super clear and concise on what was to be covered prior and throughout.

I personally really appreciate the way you conduct yourself as an instructor being from a mining and defence background I have to say the leadership and encouragment you display would make any new comer at ease and have the confidence to over any concerns in marine handling.

You are a world of knowledge and to anyone thinking its beyond your reach it isnt, with an instructor like Mike, that is dilligent yet relatable you will get there.

All the best Mike and Inshallah will see you out on the waters in my husbands boat.. lol   Isabella Maddison 14-3-18

Kathy de Gaye reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

My husband John finally went for his Skippers Ticket – from the first phone call to Mike Watson @ Sea Safe through to class room and practical examinations, Mike was a professional all the way through. Took his time to make sure all his students understood and knew what they had to deliver. Would highly recommend. Whilst doing practical test we did observe others on the river who should have been in our class!!  Cheers Mike – Tight lines.


Colin Marsh reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Thanks Mick for a great morning. Would recommend anyone who is looking to get there skippers ticker to come here. Had my wife with me who was freaking out about doing the practical but she got through it thanks to Mick. Catch you out on the water. Cheers.

Michelle White reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Thank you so much for today. I am so rapt to have passed my Skipper’s Ticket… and it was all thanks to you Mick. As a novice, I was absolutely crapping myself, but your tuition was spot on and put me at ease. Even when I got my knickers in a knot, your calming influence was bang on and got me there. Thoroughly, highly, totally recommend Sea Safe to anyone wanting to learn how to skipper a boat. Top stuff! Can’t wait to get out new boat now and we’ll give you a ‘hoy’ when we pass Maylands!

Jacob Levin reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Awesome teacher! Couldn’t have asked for a more supportive way to get my RST! 15/2/18

Alanna Hubbard reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Thanks Mike for great customer service on the phone when booking, explaining everything in detail prior to the day and answering any questions I had prior to undertaking the test. Your sense of humour made the group feel at ease and made the time fly by. Very thorough. Highly recommended � � � � �

Morning Mike.

Thank you once again for yesterday! Me and the old boy both had a great morning! Mate we thought Sea safe is a great organisation that is in operation to help and assist with everyone looking to get their skippers ticket. We thought the course was run very well on the day and right from my first contact with you up until this email now it was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you Very Much! Tim and Walter Chrulew

Sent from Outlook 14/2/18

Hi Mike
Just a couple words regarding my skippers ticket I obtain from you.
As a novice it was a bit daunting not knowing what to expect when I enroll at Sea Safe Boat School it changed when I start working threw the theory and the self test questions.
On the day of the theory and practical test I was blown away with the passion you have regarding boat safety in general, it shows even more threw your explanations, skills and your knowledge.
With this quality of training I will re-comment any one from novice to advance training in boat safety to  Sea Safe Boat School.
Well done I wish you all the best for the future.
See you on the water.
Gabriel Maritz
Mike Henderson Hi mike I was very impressed with the professionalism in which you presented the course and your desire to teach your students in the correct procedures and set tasks . As we spoke of training,I do think that there should be a prerequisite the very inexperience boater would benefit greatly from a set amount of training hours ,this would give some people a lot more confidence to finish set tasks on -the practical aspect of obtaining a skippers. Ticket. Once again thank you for your time and patience which reflected your professional approach to your students I wish you well . Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback it is always good to hear from another assessor. unfortunately what you are proposing is not up to me its DOT. Stay safe and enjoy your boating. Regards Mike Watson

Thanks Michael,
Was really good to meet you and have the opportunity to complete the RST with seasafe boat school.
I found the whole booking system really easy and all the information, extra quizzes and videos really helped understanding all the knowledge and requirements of operating a boat safely as well as the being prepared for the theory and practical assessments.
The course really was paced well and the location and boat was excellent to complete the course. The section of the river is perfect to practice skills and the tuition and practice really helped to hone my skills ahead of the assessment.
Can’t recommend this enough to others. Thanks again.


Russell James
General Manager Construction
ATCO Gas Australia
0408 341 762
Ryan Geddes reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Highly recommended using Sea safe boat school. Michael was professional and a great teacher. Made the theory make a lot of sense and easy to remember. The use of a small AC class room and a open forum to ask and discuss all topics before Michael felt we were compentant. Lots of other boat schools are only interested in making money. Michael genuinely was you to understand the safe method to use your boat. Cant fault the course. We went for the Gold package as we wanted the extra time in the class. 5 stars   6/2/18

Matt Stoney     6/2/18

2 hours ago

Very relaxed atmosphere. Professional tutorials and practical work outlined to make your your licensing so much easier and straightforward. .highly recommended. 6/2/18 

Just now

Thanks you Matt it was my pleasure meeting you 3 guys. good luck with your new boat.

Simone Mongera reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
1 hr

Thanks again Mike for this great and interesting day! I got my skipper ticket here at sea safe boat school and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get one.

Everything we did, from the theory to the practice, was well explained by Mike and at the end of the day you’ll be ready to sail the seven seas! (And the Swan River) 

David Edwards reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Had a great time today with Sea Safe Boat School, learnt a lot of practical skills and Mike was an excellent teacher. Would highly recommend the skippers course, Cheers for the day!

Dudley Dawson reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
39 mins

Highly recommend for your RST. Michael is an excellent trainer and will put the most nervous student at ease. 3/2/18

Hi Michael,

Thank you for a nice and pleasant day.

The course was well presented and very relaxed. Easy to follow.

I enjoyed myself a lot. I will recommend it

Thank you

Best Regards, Salvatore Di Grandi   30/1/18


David Jorritsma

Thanks very much Michael,
your professionalism and good rapport with all the participants made for a quality and interesting course. You style makes it easy to gain the knowledge required by making it interesting for all involved. I will certainly recommend your course to all my friends. Thanks again David Jorritsma     30/1/18
Joshua Huxley reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Great instructing and great facilities. Highly recommend

Troy Hampson-Otley reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

21 hrs

Goes through everything with you and very helpful. Great day altogether. 25/1/18

Gerry Dundas reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

43 mins

Amazing day with an amazing instructor. Highly recommended. Thanks again Mike.  25/1/18


Thanks Michael I enjoyed the course and i’m glad I chose Sea Safe.

Key things for me were having the “classroom” environment allowing for you to provide all the visual prompts and examples which was helpful particularly the navigation content.

Your style was also excellent, very experienced/ knowledgable and thorough but your relaxed manner put us all at ease and gave us confidence.

Similarly the practical assessment briefing was clear and concise and again we all gained confidence from the way you instructed it.

My feedback wouldnt change anything really. I’ll recommend Sea Safe if I come across people looking to gain their stickers tkt.

Think I’m going to store my boat down at maylands so will say gday when I see you.

Thanks again


Troy Kinnane

Daniel Simmons reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
13 mins

Had a great experience, Mike explains everything in great depth and has an abundance of boating knowledge having been in the game for so many years.Would highly recommend!  20/1/18

Chris Lu reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
My experience with Sea Safe Boat School has been an awesome one. Mike made learning how to skipper a boat easy despite my very limited knowledge. He guides every participant from start to finish and has a real knack for explaining things in a clear and concise manner. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to skipper a boat safely.

Before you arrive on the training day you are provided with everything you need to know for your assessment. He is very thorough in his approach and leaves very little to chance. Thank you to Mike and Sea Safe Boat School.  14/1/18

Kellie Ashman reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

I highly recommend Mike at Sea Safe Boat School-
I had barely knowledge of boating rules and no experience driving a boat. Prior to booking.
I received all the necessary reading books and followed his clear instructions.
Mike was clear in explaining and showing everything in the theory and practical runs and made sure all was understood, he is extremely professional and was very patient with my first boat driving experience. I passed today and gained confidence to take the wheel and will certainly keep practicing.
I chose the gold booking and would recommend in a heartbeat.
Thank you so much Mike.    12/1/18


Jenna Box reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
Thanks so much Mick for today – we are so pleased we did it! You made it easy and the theory made a lot more sense when you explained it. We can’t wait to go out on our boat! �


Hi Michael

Thank you so much for your great knowledge of helping me and the other 4 people  get our skippers ticket

it was a pleasure attending your course and I have recommended you to my son and son in law to come and get there ticket soon

thank you again



tradelink midvale


Terry Mccarthy
Hello Mike, many thanks for your skill, knowledge and easy style that was surely the key to me acheiving my Skippers Ticket with you today, All too often these days it’s all about pushing through, moving on and rush, rush. This was not your style and I thank you for that, today you showed N old hand that there is always something to be learnt. What could be better than learning something new about enjoying your favourite pastime safely.  4/1/18
Bonifacio Napolitano reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

A big thank you to Mike Watson for his help in achieving my Skippers ticket.  3/1/18

Daniel Wilson

Thanx mike for this morning.. now even tho ive been around boating my whole life there was soooo much i didnt know and more that i learnt i was doing so wrong  class was great top sence of humor and i can now feel ive got good foundations to keep me and others safe on the water esp my family..

And thanx for the great prices on the life vests buddy, u top bcf hands down   3/1/18


Gavin Taylor

Thanks for a great day Mike. Everything was covered and you took the time to teach us what we needed to be safe on the water.It was a brilliant course



I knew nothing about boats and have hardly been on one let alone driven one prior to taking the course. The material supplied, at the time of booking, was very good. I was very nervous the day before, but on the day, Michael put us all at ease. His patience, explanations and training were second to none. It was very obvious that he had years of experience.
I would truly recommend Sea Safe Boat School to everyone.
Luli Kastrati   31/12/17


Heraldo Gjini reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

4 hrs

Sir.Micheal, assessor of the year!

Just completed my Recreational Skippers Ticket with Sea Safe Boat School. Booking was easy, great training facility and well priced!
Micheal Watson was my assessor. He was very clear in outlining the expectations he had of me and was extremely professional in the way he conducted both the theoretical and practical components of the course.
He made the 5.5 hours I was there both enjoyable and worthwhile. 
I would certainly recommend Sea Safe Boat School to others. 30/12/17


G’day Mike, thanks for the Skippers course today and for my Skippers ticket.  I very much enjoyed doing the course, it was interesting and fun and I would highly recommend others to do your course too.  You were very helpful, knowledgeable and professional and have a great sense of humour.  Thanks to you I learned a lot today and feel that I will be able to navigate the waters with confidence.  I think the length of the course was appropriate too.  Thanks again and Happy New Year. Corey Schravesande. 30/12/17

I had no knowledge about boats or driving one.  I received all the necessary reading information promptly.  I was quite nervous as I thought my lack of knowledge would be a set back, but Michael Watson was an incredible skipper trainer.  Very clear in explaining everything that was important and patient with my questions.  I must say the course was a great learning experience and I definitely recommend Sea Safe Boat School.
Thanks for everything Michael.
Will be looking forward to putting all this learning into continuous practice as you said, not letting the boys do it.
Best regards,
Susie Garcia      29/12/17

Hey Mike!

                   Thank  you so much for helping me attain my skippers ticket, in all honesty I couldn’t think of a way of improving the course you offer, the price was good and you were a fun and very knowledgeable guide, I had a good time learning with you and will definitely be promoting you to my friends and family,  thanks again and Merry Christmas!

All the best  Michael Atkinson   23/12/17

Thanks for today Mike, great set up , Glad I passed! Phew!! Theory and practical well covered before assessments which was great, highly recommend any who is looking for a ticket! Thanks again and have a great Chrissy and new year.
Wayne Shersby   20/12/17

Hi Michael,

Thank you for guiding Ben and I through the Skippers Ticket.

It was a bit daunting at first, however your relaxed approach, clear instructions and review of manual was excellent.

 your instruction made everything clear as a bell

Thank you again

Russell Podmore
Building Officer


Mike was very patient and an exceptional instructor for a nervous and novice boat driver like myself.

Thank you Mike. Susan & Eric Finch 16/12/17


Thanks for having me, Today was a great experience, Michael is capable of teaching in a manner that is simple to understand. Instructions were clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend this service.
Thanks again
Stephen  Hardie


Hi Michael

I thought the course was great. It had a nice relaxed atmosphere which was helpful for my nerves.

I would definitely recommend your course to anyone looking to get their RST.

Have a good Christmas

Best regards

Miles Waud 10/12/17


Benedict Clarke

Thanks for your tuition, guidance and support today Mike! Very professional and highly recommended. Cheers Ben

Really enjoyed the course Mike, personally I wouldn’t change anything, like you said if you read the workbook and want to pass the effort has to come from the student, definitely needed the hour before the test to go over things because it’s not that common for inexperienced people to understand the boat language, looking back it’s fairly easy to pass, a far as instruction and knowledge I thought you were top notch, very knowledgeable and open,

Thanks very much and I have already recommended you to friends
Thanks again  Jo Knoerr  5/12/17
Hi Michael,
Thank you for a great day and your time.

Everything was spot on i don’t think there is anything to improve on as your time with your students is a enjoyable and a great lesson. All the best for the future.


0433 917 343



thank you for a fantastic learning experience. I enjoyed your professionalism and a well structured course.   I would thoroughly recommend it for any others wanting to earn their Skippers Licence.
Best Regards
Tommy Smith   Maylands 5/12/17

From Shayne Smith
I couldn’t of been more happy with the whole process from start to finish. You were very thorough in everything providing a good comfortable environment. I will be recommending you to anyone who is ready to do there ticket. I don’t think there is anything you should change or anything you could do better.
Thanks again. Shayne 27/11/17

Had a great time with Mike and learnt a lot about being a skipper of a boat, highly recommend great facilities and place to learn. Now can’t wait to get out on the water, thanks Mike ����

Regards Dave Castle 26/11/17

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay in response as I have been unusually busy with work.
My response to your school is first:
I have never operated a boat in my life. The time you took to explain things and go through what was required made me feel more confident on what I was doing on the water. Not only in relation to the text book stuff, but in the actual practical handling of the boat.
I found your course to be more than just pay your money and get a certificate like others offer. I was delighted to find that you are prepared to NOT pass students who don’t meet the criteria as this means you take an interest on maintaining a standard. I was also delighted that you would give a free re-training class though if you did not pass to ensure you got appropriately trained.
If there’s anything I would add to your course, I would have loved to hear more of your tales as you have lots of experience to share.
Jack Gomez 26/11/17

Good evening  Michael,

Thank you for the excellent boating course this morning. I appreciated your balance of professionalism with being able to have a joke and the sense of camaraderie that developed throughout the morning. I enjoyed the theory revision and the props that were available and practising certain components of the practical test with each other prior to jumping onboard.

On the water, I really enjoyed the practice run we were given and to get a ‘feel’ of the boat prior to the actual test. While training with the other students onboard was great so everyone could learn from each other.

All in all, I thought the training and the way the course was run was fantastic and I will be recommending your course to everyone and anyone.

Kind regards,

Ben Kooiman 25/11/17

Ross Daly reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
16 mins

Mike was amazing � made the whole experience enjoyable. Would highly recommend Mike to help you get your skippers ticket !! There’s no better place ��� 25/11/17

Barry Goodin reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star

Having just purchased a new to me boat, I needed to get my skippers ticket. Mike was an excellent teacher both in the classroom and on the water. Since getting my ticket, I have used the tips that mike gave me every time I am in the boat. I definitely recommend sea safe boat school


Sea Safe Boat School Thanks for the great review Barry. I am really happy that you have put your new skills to good use. Dont forget we are only a phone call away if you need any help with boating related queries, Cheers? Michael Watson

Bruce Loneragan
Thanks Michael for course.
Feedback as follows:
· Like the practical explanations of the rules and regulations which were backed up with examples. Found this really useful background and information;
· The simple aids were good (e.g. magnetic boats, buoy markings etc);
· For the practical the boat was good and easy to learn on;
· The location for the testing is also good to learn approach dock and leaving dock;
· Practical explanation of what to do on the boat very good;
· I found the material sent out before hand very useful as well including video.
It would be difficult to improve how the course was run because it was run like Singer sewing machine.
The only area would suggest if the class room could be a bit bigger, it is very cosy, but also understand that this could be difficult to arrange.
Thanks and regards,   13/11/17
John O’Neill reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
4 hrs

I was visiting Perth from the UK on a three month visa and my children booked the Gold course for my birthday, I opted for the option of extra tuition on handling the boat as I had not driven a boat for many years. I could not have asked for a better instructor, Michael was brilliant and made me feel at ease. The course was professional from start to finish, the study information I received prior to the course was excellent and the tuition and guidance throughout was first class. I would highly recommend Sea Safe Boat School.  9/11/17


Tim V

I decided to sit my skippers ticket and found Sea Safe Boat School on Google. Being quite nearby, my friends and I booked in to do the silver course. We all did our pre-home work and found the course and examination process really good. Mike’s teaching style is very natural and we all passed. Would recommend them again!
Hey Mike,
 I really enjoyed the course, your website was very clear about the different levels of package and what they involve. The email with the dvd link explained the need to do lots of home work and it paid off.
The practical was a little daughing at first but your teaching style made me feel much more comfortable after the first few tries.
Happy to recommend you guys :-).
Tim Vella
Brian Kirkham reviewed Sea Safe Boat School — 5 star
41 mins

Good teacher highly recommend, goes through it all thoroughly and gets you the pass marks needed also great facilities , great boat

John George Butler Thanks Mike, excellent tuition and excellent equipment and facilities, highly recommended ?

Maylands 28th October 2017



Hello  Mike

I just wanted to say thank you for your tuition on  Tuesday
Being from  another country i did not know my way around Perth waters and the local rules but your friendly approach and  patience  gave me the knowledge i needed
Thanks a million  . Aspen Robinson

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to write and say thanks for a fantastic course. and a brilliant instructor and guided us through the theory and practical exams with great detail.
Pass on my thanks when you get a chance.
Cheers, Jordan Emeades
Robert N Leah reviewed Sea Safe Boat School5 star

To Micheal and the staff at sea safe boat school .i couldnt thank you enough for your time and knowledge meant you gave me to get my skippers ticket i travelled all the way from the country and wouldnt go thru any one else highly recommended and they have all the time explaining everything you need to no
Rgds Robert

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your notes and for facilitating a great experience.

I am new to boating and although I learnt a lot from the pre work study material, the practical components with  Mick on the day was a great confidence builder.  I now feel much more equipped to enjoy safe boating with my family!

Thanks again for  a great learning experience. Bobby Koester


Hello Mick

Thank you  for your time today. Rebecca and I enjoyed the fantastic teaching and training that was provided by Sea Safe Boat School.

We were inexperienced and novice boaters and greatly appreciated your professional, but friendly and welcoming approach.

Sea Safe Boat School provided us with excellent training and coaching in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Thank you very much for training us to pass on our first go. We will certainly be recommending you and Sea Safe Boat School!

Kind regards

Alan & Rebecca   4/5/17

PS: We are more than happy for you to use this email as a testimonial.


If you are looking to get you skippers ticket I can not recommend Sea Safe Boat School enough.
The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable and the information delivered was useful and helpful.
Maylands Location was unbeatable, beautiful morning on the river beats the chaos of a marina.
Do yourself a favour and book your skippers ticket here. A solid 10/10.
Thanks guys      Simon Lewer    27/4/17

Thanks for a great day Mike.
You introduction was a great way to have a better way of understanding and learning how to skipper a vessel. I would definitely recommend you to everyone i know that wants their skippers.  Michael Wheatley
Hi Michael,
Great course. Really enjoyed the one on one teaching style. It proved very beneficial. I thought the course was excellent and well delivered. I will definitely recommend sea safe to others!
Thanks so much,
Mitch Kingi
I attended Sea Safe Boat School this morning to obtain my Skippers Ticket. I found that Michael acted in a very professional manner at all times. He was always willing to answer any questions I had in regard to boat safety and did not pressure me at any time. All in all it was a great experience and I will definitely recommend Sea Safe to anyone. Thanks again Michael and happy boating.
Wayne Bromfield    18/4/17
Econotrailer Manufacturer Pre-test revision an absolute must, great facilities, very professional thanks again thumbs up ????
mike franklin


Hi Michael

Thank you for conducting a very thorough theoretical review prior to the examination, it was certainly very useful to help me cement what I had studied in the course manuals.

Similarly with the practical examination, your tuition was invaluable.  I actually went out in my boat on Sunday and had a quite successful maiden voyage

Can I book into the next VHF course you hold (outside of working hours) as I need to have a VHF radio license do log on and off with Sea Rescue won’t I?

Thanks again for your diligent training course, we had a great trip yesterday and hope to have many more.


Mike Franklin

Titan Australia Pty. Ltd.

Jo Coxy reviewed Sea Safe Boat School5 star

Highly recommend seasafe for doing your RST. Mike was so knowledgeable and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. He gave a fantastic overview of all the skills and we learnt so much! Cheers heaps!!

From the erdrys , micheal is one of the best boat teachers his knowledge of the rules and saftey measures are next to none we have had a very enjoyable and fun time , would highly recommend to book with him he is very professional in his work hands down best boat school in metro area
Thanks from the erdys

Good Morning Mike,
Thank you for a very thorough and detailed training course last Sunday morning.
Our day ran smoothly thanks to your professionally run course. You provide a very comfortable training room and it was lovely to sit in an air conditioned environment with tea/coffee/water available. It made us relaxed and meant for easy learning.
You covered all the material and listened to all our questions covering any grey areas we had.
The practical was a breeze thanks to your instruction making it such a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
We both are now confident to go out on the water and build on the skills you have taught us. We will be recommending sea safe boat school as the only place to go.
Kind Regards
Aaron and Kait

Hi Mike

Firstly let me say a big thank you for the most pleasurable course.

It is very refreshing to actually find a company that delivers exactly what they advertise on the websites

This course had every thing that was advertised and much more giving me confidence to take my family and friends out on the water safely.

Keep up the good work. Some family and friends will contact you soon for the Gold course. Thanks again

Regards Luke Zamil


Hi Michael,

I wanted to say Thank You for your guidance today. I chose your company specifically as you go through step by step in so much detail and have the resource room and I have to tell you your experience and knowledge is amazing. I felt more confident with completing the course and confident to go out on the water once I finished all of the training and viewed the demonstrations.

Once again Thank you for your guidance, I will definitely recommend you to others 🙂


Sarah McCabe


Sea safe boat school Training with Mike Watson provided a very thorough training session for the new recreational skipper ticket theory requirements with a review prior to sitting the test. This was extremely helpful. The practical training was professionally conducted. There was no rushing and demonstrations given before the practical test. The facilities are top notch and it was so nice to site in air-conditioned comfort with cool drinks and toilet facilities

Thanks a million.  Highly recommended Tom Carroll

Hi Mike

Thanks for the course it was nothing short of brilliant, you set us up to pass . The theory presentation and the demonstrations of the boat handling  helped heaps and the classroom was a gem having a coffee in nice surroundings also was a bonus . A message any potential student , Dont go anywhere  but this guy

Thanks a  heaps Tony Braddock

Good day Michael

Just a few words  of thanks for a absolute brilliant Skippers course. the class room and facilities are 1st class and the boat so easy to drive, i have recommended quite a few people to you. keep up the good work. and ta big thank you. Regards  Tony Harper

Hi Mike

Just a couple words regarding my skippers ticket I obtain from you.
As a novice it was a bit daunting not knowing what to expect when I enroll at Sea Safe Boat School it changed when I start working threw the theory and the self test questions.
On the day of the theory and practical test I was blown away with the passion you have regarding boat safety in general, it shows even more threw your explanations, skills and your knowledge.
With this quality of training I will re-comment any one from novice to advance training in boat safety to Sea Safe Boat School.

Well done I wish you all the best for the future.
See you on the water.

Gabriel Maritz


Thanks for getting me through the course. I don’t have any criticisms You are obviously a man who knows the subject material and how to teach it. I enjoyed doing the course with your company, and I have recommended my step-son do his RST through you.
All the best
Steve Porter      10/2/17
Hi Michael
Thanks for the day today. I very much enjoyed it and was good to see how professionally you ran the session. I felt like I learnt a lot this morning and it will add great value to my future boating experiences.
Giulio Casello      Maylands   24/1/17

 Thanks Michael I enjoyed the course and i’m glad I chose Sea Safe.

Key things for me were having the “classroom” environment allowing for you to provide all the visual prompts and examples which was helpful particularly the navigation content.
Your style was also excellent, very experienced/ knowledgable and thorough but your relaxed manner put us all at ease and gave us confidence.
Similarly the practical assessment briefing was clear and concise and again we all gained confidence from  the way you instructed it.
My feedback wouldnt change anything really. I’ll recommend Sea Safe if I come across people looking to gain their stickers tkt.
Think I’m going to store my boat down at maylands so will say gday when I see you.
Thanks again
Troy Kinnane       23/1/2017

HI Mike, 

             I just want to say thanks for a great learning experience. The setting is fantastic and the day ran smoothly. Your experience in the world of boating shows and your teaching style is friendly and welcoming.
I cannot recommend Sea Safe enough as this course has helped prepare me for years of confident boating.
Dean Jorritsma       Maylands 20/1/17

I attended the Skippers course and found the whole thing to be absolutly professional in every aspect, just could not fault this operation in any way. The instruction in the rooms was complete and very good in every aspect, Micheal knows his stuff no doubt about that. I could only reccomend Safe Boat School in the highest possible way as an absolute must if going to do the skippers ticket. Greg Truscott Canningvale WA

Jennifer Graham Hanna Professionally run Boat School. Educational and informative. Highly recommended!!

Hi Michael

I just wanted to thank you and Sea Safe Boat School for a great morning – both in class and on the river.

Your facilities are great and your methodical friendly approach with all the students meant for easy learning
theory and practical test experience. I will be highly recommending you to all my friends.
Thanks again for your guidance and providing a highly professional service to people wishing to gain
their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket.
kind regards
Gary Perceval
Maylands. January 2017


Hi Michael,

Happy to send you feedback as I think you run a great little course there.
I honestly can’t think of where you could improve! I had a great morning, very informative.
The pre-test run down on the rules and regs filled in any grey area’s and made everything clear.
I think you provided ample clarification & where more than fair whilst still being strict enough to not
allow someone to head out into the ocean without proving we understood the rules & requirements first.
Overall had a great morning and will be sure to recommend you to anyone interested in obtaining a skippers ticket.
– Mitch Johnson.  Maylands January 2017


Hi Michael,

Thank you for the course today, it was bloody brilliant.
I could not fault it at all. It was extremely useful.
I do not have Facebook but I have already referred you by Email to a few friends who are looking to do their ticket.
Thanks again and well done on a brilliant course.
Adam   Waterworth   7/1/17
Thanks so much Mike
Your training was fantastic ????????
Julie  & Jayden Comitto      6/1/2017

Mike facilitated the course exceptionally well. He was very knowledgeable and handled the class to all persons skills set. He was very friendly, bought good humor to the learning and the facilities were good. I will highly recommend Mike to anyone in the future.

Thanks Mike for making the day enjoyable. Francis Gilbert  5/1/17

 I found mike, professional, informative and very easy going, I’d highly recommend his boat school, was my first time in a boat and I throughly enjoyed it. Thanks again mike you’re a legend.    Steve Glennon Maylands 2/1/17
Hello Michael,
Thank you very much for your thorough explanation, and expertise in all things associated in gaining my Skippers ticket.
I will have no hesitation in recommending Sea Safe Boat School to anybody I may know who is looking to gain their ticket.
You are welcome to use this email, or pass on my contact No if I can in anyway promote your Sea Safe Boat School,
you go way beyond just instructing,so to anybody looking for excellent instruction and tuition about boating,
contact Michael Watson immediately.
Graeme Buchanan    Maylands 29/12/16
Ian Hall reviewed Sea Safe Boat School5 star

Great course by a chap who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the boating industry.Mikes professionalism and delivery of the course was fantastic.
Look not further that sea safe boat school for your skippers ticket.

“I can highly recommend completing your recreational skippers ticket with Michael.  He focuses not only on the content of the Workbook and the information you require to pass your theory and practical assessments, but he also shares his experience and knowledge to ensure that you are equipped to stay safe on the water”.
Merry Christmas Michael, see you at the boat yard some time 🙂
Raechel Paris  18/12/16
Nicola Motuzas reviewed Sea Safe Boat School5 star
10 hrs ·

Thanks Mike, you made getting our Skippers Ticket both educational and enjoyable. You were informative and professional and I would definately recommend anyone considering getting your Skippers Ticket to come and see you. Thanks 5 happy customers here. 14/12/16


James Px rangerRatingReview posted on
Dec 13, 2016
Mike was very pleasant to learn off and helped make something that I thought was hard seem a lot easier and made sure I confident before assessing me Well done and highly recommend anyone who want to get proper training to use this company
Greg Truscott Mike thank you your efforts and first class facility and training was worth everything so really a heartfelt thank you. Maylands December 2016
Hi Michael
Thank you very much for this morning it was light hearted and enjoyable. The information you provided was both practical and useful for both passing the various tests and for future boating.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone else I hear about who is wanting to do their ticket.
All the best and have a merry Christmas.
Russell Barnes
Moore Stephens (WA) Pty Ltd


Laurel Moraes
Thanks Michael

It was a great morning and I really enjoyed it. I felt a lot more confident taking the boat out last Sunday.

I will keep your email address as I might need some boating advice and knowing you have so much great experience!

I’ll be sending the husband along in the new year!

Thanks a lot


I just wanted to drop you a line to state my appreciation for what I’ve gained from your course. Your knowledge, experience and patience is second to none and your ability to explain and teach even the trickiest aspects of the Skippers Ticket is to be commended.
The whole course was extremely beneficial and enjoyable! I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of gaining their Skipper’s Ticket, your course is surely the best anyone could hope to do.
SORIN.     Maylands 9/12/16


On 6 December 2016 at 05:46,
Was a pleasure to come to your boat school Mike i found that your knowledge was easy passed on thru good communication and easy understanding of the course and its requirements again thanks for a pleasurable morning

Regards Chris Foreman

On 6 December 2016 at 10:07, Shane Anning

Hi Michael ,

I would like to thank you and Sea Safe Boat School for the Skippers Training Course I attended Monday 5th December at your Maylands facility.I studied hard and had a couple of afternoons out on the river prior to attending your course , but none of this compared to the training and accessing that you provided.

I paid for the premium course and Michael was very clear and precise in the pre course training that I actually connected everything I had studied  from the DOT skippers book a lot more clearer and confident once Michael had taken us through the pre course training. I actually was quite nervous prior to attending the morning but had studied hard and watched the recommended video several times  , Once Michael was into the first 5 minutes of his training he explained things so much more clearly that it all just fell into place . I have attended many sales training and assessors course’s but I can honestly say that Michael knows his stuff , delivers it in a way that you can understand and is perhaps one of the best trainers I have seen. If you’re going for your Skippers ticket I highly recommend that you give Perth Sea Safe Boat School in Maylands a go .Thanks again Shane Anning




Cheers Michael,

You did a fantastic job running the course. Explained everything in a very clear and easy manner with out going over the top. I will recommend your company to anyone.

Thanks  Chris Simpson

Hi Michael,

We had a great time doing the course, we thought you were excellent at preparing us for the theory and practical tests.

We will and have already recommended you to family and friends.

Keep up the great work!!             Maylands November 2016

Gavin S


Hi Mike,
Sorry for the delay but I just wanted to let you know how awesome your training session with us was.  We thoroughly enjoyed it even though the weather was against us.  You are very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor.  I have already recommended you to friends.  Thanks for being so patient with me, someone who was as green as they come.

Kind regards

Nicki & Trevor Day        Maylands November 2016

Lynne Purcell Great morning. Great course and Mike rocks. He made us work for it with good results. He’s an awesome guy with a lot of knowledge and he’s a fantastic teacher/instructor.
Facilities were good and the boat used for our practical was easy to operate for my 1st time at the “wheel”. Thanks for an awesome morning – see you on the water.  Maylands Sunday 20th November


Hi Michael

Thank you for a great Skippers course i was really uptight about the theory and the boat work but you made me feel at ease and welcome. The facilities are second to none great boat, great lecture rooms and 100 percent effort on your part. Highly recommended Cheers Jason Mcbride.  Maylands November 2016

John Luke Miller Thank you so much Mike for the fantastic teaching and for the massive time and effort you put into the course. Will definately recommend you to anyone who needs your services 🙂

Sea Safe Boat School Really nice meeting you John and thanks for the Great review,Stay safe.Regards Mike. November 2016

Bonnie Rasmussen. We had a great day Mike. Well planned and conducted – learnt a great deal and you made us feel welcome your teaching style is excellent . Maylands October 2016rasmussen-img20161009111617

Hi Micheal,

The whole procedure of obtaining the skippers ticket by you was very good and let me list them.
The information you provided prior to the day regarding the course.
On the day the revision and the way you conducted the class.
Fully explained what was required for the practical part and making us feel at ease.
Your overall knowledge and the way the course was conducted.

Thank you and I would recommend your course to anyone in the future.   Vince Hogan October 2016 at Maylands

Ben Trott reviewed Sea Safe Boat School5 star

Took my skippers here and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. Michael was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and friendly, which helped to greatly reduce any nerves and stress. It’s also in a great location away from the chaos of other parts of the river. Would highly recommend!  Maylands September 2016


To all prospective client RST students:-

Michael has a great depth of sea knowledge and experience gained in a professional capacity over many years at sea, and this is very evident in his lectures.He also has excellent interpersonal people skills, and makes his clients feel relaxed and comfortable during the theory and practical lessons conducted within excellent facilities. Michael’s calm, friendly, informative lectures, and practical demonstrations, are down to earth and easily understood, and he is always willing to further explain the more complex situations in a patient reassuring manner.I have no hesitation in recommending family and friends to get their RST with Michael at his Sea safe Boat School.Regards,John Stevens13/09/2016

Fantastic relaxed coaching and mentoring from Mike, extremely professional throughout the assessment process and provided encouragement from the beginning of the course. I would recommend Sea Safe Boat School to anyone from beginners onward to realise their potential and gain their recreational skippers ticket. Steven Chilton. September 2016 At Maylands

 Tim Pearce
Thanks so much for your time and patience and guidance this morning. It was a nervous experience but your calm attitude was a great asset to us passing
Cheers Tim

A great place to get your skippers ticket, great calm waters and a thoroughly knowledgeable teacher will recommend him to anyone going for there ticket
Tim , Nathan , Lara Pearce        September 2016

Hi Mike. Thanks again for the course. It was an excellent,  informative and professional yet personal and friendly. Your website is excellent and the primary reason I approached you. I have already recommend you to several friends without hesitation.

Cheers Andrew Grasl   August 2016

There where so many boating and safety tips.The room was well laid out and the coffee and airconditioning was a bonus. Brilliant instructor. Thanks Mike

Smith Family August 2016



Great course run by a great guy.Highly recommended

Robert barbarich August 2016

I must say this was a pleasurable course to do.

Michael made the theory part so easy to understand with his pre course questions & answers session, then the practical demonstrations. Great tutor, great boat and the lecture room facilities are brilliant .A big thank you from

Jackie & Steve Walters       Maylands August 2016


i got my recreational Skippers Ticket thanks to Sea Safe Boat School! I learned a lot from their classes which greatly helped me during the assessment for the RST. Sea Safe is the best boat school! Thanks Mike, Danielle Wyatt  Maylands August 2016

I have done many courses but this one was very informative , well planned and executed by a master

Thanks Mike

Shane Mc Arthur July 2016

Max Williamson

A well set out course with a great instructor and good value for money! Highly recommend!    July 2016


I took my skipper’s ticket by enrolling with Sea Safe Boat School. Michael’s approach to teaching using a classroom environment allowed me to understand the requirements and theoretical aspects better. The question and answer session was very useful with examples shown in the class and on the board. For someone who has never had any prior experience, I found the training offered very useful and enjoyable.
I would certainly recommend Sea Safe Boat School to any of my mates who may be interested.

Regards Sivabalan Shumungam       June  2016

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your time today, we are glad we chose Sea Safe Boat School to obtain our skippers license.
Very professional with some great tips that could save our life!

Kind Regards Devon Hollywood  May 2016

Hi Michael, on behalf of Adam and myself we would like to thank you for the skippers ticket course we attended on Sat. 7th May. As an instructor your dedication and experience put us both at ease with the course.  We learnt a lot and had an enjoyable time in the company of yourself and other students.  Adam said “watch out for the boat hook ” while doing the man overboard test. For my part I thoroughly enjoyed my trip in the rain on the Deadliest Catch but sadly no crabs or fish. Both Adam and myself have
no hesitation in recommending you and your boat school in the future.
Keep up the good work.
All the best for the future.  Alan Webb. May 2016
Thanks for everything mate!
The course was an absolute dream, given my lack of experience in a boat I was a bit apprehensive about the practical but within a few minutes I felt confident that I was going to be alright everything was explained and demonstrated in an easy to understand manner made it a breeze. There were a few questions I wouldn’t have passed if it wasn’t for the theory we went over in the beginning I really appreciated the diagrams and examples of signs which helped my understanding of going through channels, who has right of way as well as things such as which sign means what and where possible dangers lie.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and am glad that I did it with you guys I think you’re running an excellent program and will happily be recommending your course to my friends.
Kind Regards

Rowan Edwards

On Sunday, April 3, 2016,

Thanks Michael. It really was a great experience. I would highly recommend to any one thinking of getting their RST. We did the silver course, and having been on the water for many years I still learned a heap from Michael. This bloke truly knows his stuff and he cares about the people he is teaching. Definitely not a money grabber. Regards Nick    April 2016


Thanks Michael for your patience and guidance with the revision and skippers course today.   It is such a relief to finally have our skipper’s ticket. The whole process was way out of my comfort zone but with your help and guidance it made it so easy. Well done and thank you once again.

kind regards

Suzie, Luke and Sophie Waldram     March 2016


I enjoyed the experience & found your added comments on boating in general very informative.
The small group, ( 2 of us ) received your full attention & advice.
I could not fault the course in any point, well instructed & conducted & I look forward to enjoyable & safe future boating.

Kim Black     March 2016

Dear Michael

Thank you for your time today leading us in the skippers course.  I thought the course was excellent.  I like the way you adjusted the training to suit the ability of our group, moving on when you could see we had a good knowledge of a topic and explaining things clearly on things we were unsure of; this kept us interested and informed and really helped embed our learning.  The practical assessment ran really well, the set up of the boat together with your knowledge, experience and friendly manner allowed us to display our skills in a safe yet challenging setting.   I feel so much more confident to skipper our boat, the knowledge and tips you shared today will go a long way to ensuring we always enjoy a safe day on the water.
Thanks again
Colleen Flynn      Maylands February 2016

Hi Michael, a huge thanks for spending the day teaching us. We felt at ease straight away you, and you helped us if we had any questions, and were very patient with us. We will definitely recommend you to anyone wishing to get their skippers test!
All the best, Adam and Brittany.
Feb 2016

Morning Mike. Thankyou once again for yesterday! Me and the old boy both had a great morning! Mate we thought Seasafe is a great organisation that is in operation to help and assist with everyone looking to get their skippers ticket. We thought the course was run very well on the day and right from my first contact with you up untill this email now it was a pleasure to work with you! Thankyou Very Much! Tim and Walter Chrulew. Maylands  Feb 2016


Thanks Mike !

Your training was friendly and welcoming, some good laughs and easy going without scaring the girls to much. Very professional and a good setup for training guys and girls with no experiences. The river location was ideal with very little movement giving you peace of mind.
I highly recommend you and keep up the great work.
Thank you
Michael, Corinne and Aimee Chiverton    Maylands February 2016

Corinne Chiverton Thankyou for a great morning Michael! Your professionalism and great manner put my mind at rest and made the task easy. Highly recommend Michael to teach you your skippers ticket. Cheers ?

Thanks Michael for the day, I enjoyed the experience very much. Loved the setting and the calm piece of river to do the test in seeing the Dolphins alongside was a big bonus. If I had a chance to change anything I don’t think I would.

Regards Peter Hall   Maylands 2016

It was a pleasure working with you on the Skippers Ticket exam today. Your approach to the tasks and interface with me was nothing but professional from start to finish. The whole time during the test both theoretical and practical was done without stress and was carried out to what I believe was a very high standard.
Thank you and I will certainly be referring people to you in the future, great job
Best Regards
Mal Coates   Feb 2016

Hi Mike

Thanks for taking us through the theory and practical aspects of skippering a boat. Your instruction was clear, unambiguous and patient when we had queries.
On the water you demonstrated how to take charge of a vessel and emphasised how to ensure the safety of passengers at all times. Even for the inexperienced among us.
All of this was done with good humour. And we all passed!!
Your emphasis on reading the manual thoroughly helped a lot before we even got to your door so this was a helpful tip.
Thanks again.
Alan, Melanie and Matt  January 2016

Hi Mike, Thank you very much for a most enjoyable morning, straight from the outset we found you to be a very pleasant and easy going person. You made the morning an enjoyable experience whilst learning a lot of things which weren’t actually in the book ie, additional floation devices, simplified ways of launching a boat and to think outside the box a little. I’d also like to thank you for taking a little extra time putting my sister at ease as she was extremely nervous. We would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to obtain a Skippers Ticket. Many Thanks Steve & Tash. Natasha Rowe Maylands 2016

I booked with Mike at Sea Safe for a surprise birthday present for my husband. From the phone call of booking to the end of the test, Mike was very helpful, professional and most of all very friendly and great with our 2 girls. Thank you for a fab day and even better, seeing the Dolphins made it extra special. Definitely recommend and thank you. Clint Mcdowell, Paula McDowell, Darcy and Skye . Maylands 2016


Thanks Mike,

All of us had a great day and your tips were fantastic. Your patience with myself and Keely, neither of whom had driven a boat, was much appreciated! Should you take up giving driving lessons, we would happily send Keely your way, otherwise, I guess we’ll catch up in a couple of years once Sarah is old enough to get her ticket. We felt in safe hands from the moment we made the booking to finishing the course! Even better, the great day on the river has motivated Jason to get working on fixing his boat! Thanks Again

Debbie, Chris and Keely  Maylands 2016


Charmaine Moss – Thanks Michael, I was nervous to start with but you made me feel at ease and came out feeling very confident. Your instruction was easy to understand and we enjoyed getting our ticket. Definitely will recommend you to anyone who needs to get their skippers ticket  Maylands 2016

Murray Bertolini – January 24th,2016

Thanks Mike for a professional and thorough instruction for my skippers ticket. I would highly recommend you to anyone that needs to be assessed or trained in all aspects of boating. 10 out of 10.

Hi Mike

Just a couple words regarding my skippers ticket I obtain from you.
As a novice it was a bit daunting not knowing what to expect when I enroll at Sea Safe Boat School it changed when I start working threw the theory and the self test questions.
On the day of the theory and practical test I was blown away with the passion you have regarding boat safety in general, it shows even more threw your explanations, skills and your knowledge.
With this quality of training I will re-comment any one from novice to advance training in boat safety to Sea Safe Boat School.

Well done I wish you all the best for the future.
See you on the water.

Gabriel Maritz  Maylands

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your time this morning to allow me to gain my recreational skippers ticket.

I found the way you ran through the procedures and correct ways of doing tasks extremely easy and gratifying, every task was in lamens terms and it was an absolute pleasure having you as my instructor.

Thank you for the additional safety tips on flotation, life vests, bimini’s, wind etc. You were extremely thorough in your approach and I certainly walked away with a lot more than I thought I would.

I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone in the future should they be looking to gain their RST.

Thanks again and have a safe weekend. Happy boating!

Regards,Steve Bennett


Mary Hutter

Tanya Jaskolski Dickson December 14 at 2:52pm

Your the “AWESOMEST” Mike, thank you so much, I was very nervous and you helped me heaps !!! Tanya I would highly recommend Mike at Sea Safe Boat School to any and all family and friend wanting to do their Skippers Ticket, he goes way above & beyond, with his cheeky wit & big heart xxx


Dawn and Eric
Hi Mike,
Thank you for your time today showing us the ropes on something very new to us.
You are knowledgable, skilful, friendly and patient which make the perfect combination for teaching students.
Dawn and I really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot today.
We will recommend your service to our family and friends. Keep up the good work.
Dawn & Eric

Congratulations, A great day and some happy new skippers

Congratulations, A great day and some happy new skippers

Larke family November at Maylands

Hi Mike
Thanks for your email. The course was really professional and well run. We all learnt a lot and the extra tips you gave us, particularly relating to safety, will be very useful. The kids also commented on how approachable and encouraging you were. All in all we found that the course was pitched at just the right level. Thank you
Jane Larke

Dear Mike,

Thank you for making our learning experience so enjoyable!
You calm and supportive attitude, and extensive knowledge, meant we left with both our ticket and additional information
that will be so useful as we begin boating.
It is good to know you are also available for additional training sessions as we see the need.
We will spread the word about Sea Safe Boat School and wish you all the very best.
Kind regards,
Elizabeth and Jordan Argentieri

Thanks for a very good day and informative course I will be recommending you to every one I know . Of over the many many courses I have attend through my career that was one of the best .
Thank you
James & Nathan Maylands November 2014

Hi Mike ,

Thanks for everything yesterday , David & myself enjoyed everything about the course .

Good points about your service.

a. comfortable table & chairs to sit at while doing the theory section , including coffee.

b. you had a friendly voice & demeanour that was easy to listen to & understand.

c. your boat was excellent for the purpose .

d. venue was also well chosen . The 2 T shaped jetties allowed us to do the course & other boat users to use the other jetty.

Bad points about the course .

a. Nothing.

Thanks again & kind regards

Richard & David Williams. Maylands 8/10/14

Good morning Mike,

My thoughts are this. I found you as an instructor excellent. Your verbal skills were excellent and the knowledge you conveyed to us was extremely informative. Your patience with the skills training was also excellent and very much appreciated. As an educational experience and also a family session I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to complete the skippers ticket


Lianne Witheridge Maylands 8/10/14

Stress free and enjoyable, great trainer

Thanks Michael, We had a great morning with you Mike, making us feel comfortable. Showing us your passion for safety towards boating and teaching us more than just the text book lesson. We would highly recommend you to everyone. thanks again Anne n Andy Maylands 4/10/14

Thank you

Mike for your patience consideration and for a great course.

I am now confident to take my boat out with my family safely


What a lovely day.

I was like most people very nervous about this course but the trainer Michael put us at ease. Michael has a very nice nature and is very apt at what he does.

A very relaxes course Highly recommended.

Amanda & Dave Johnson



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