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Recreational Skippers Ticket | Required Safety Equipment for Your Boat

recreational skippers ticket

A recreational skippers ticket is the number one requirement if you wish to operate a boat of your own. You are mandated by the law to possess one. It is a good thing that there dozens of boat school ready to provide proper instructions and training.

Once you have a recreational skippers ticket in your hands, you are now free to sail the seas. However, you still have to keep additional requirements in mind. These are not only to meet the government’s standards, but also to ensure the boaters’ safety. These items include:

Requirements Aside from Recreational Skippers Ticket

The following safety equipment is required to be carried whenever you are operating a boat.


Your boat will need an anchor if you will be operating in unprotected waters. Choose an anchor that will be suitable for different seabed conditions, along with a line that will be long enough to reach the depths.


There will be times when water can make its way inside your boat. It will require your immediate attention since it can cause harm to the technical part of the insides of your boat. A bailer is often handheld, with a hollow center to carry and remove excess water. This is also highly recommended for smaller boats.

Alternatively, you can use bilge pumps. Just turn it on and it will automatically remove the water for you. This kind of pump will fit medium to large boats.

Distress Flares

In times of distress, your flares will be the ones responsible for catching attention for help. The type of flare you will need on board will depend on the distance you will be traveling. Find out which kind of flare you will need for your boating trip here.

Distress Beacons

When life-threatening situations arise, your distress beacon will help you call for immediate help. Countless of lives have been saved by these devices, and it has a special design for portability, ability to float and operate for 24 hours or more.

To help rescuers find you quickly, you should get a distress beacon with GPS. They can simply follow the location of your distress beacon with higher accuracy. Those without GPS only have a location accuracy of 5km, requiring more time for search and rescue.

Fire Extinguisher

Vessels with inbound machines or cooking equipment need to have fire extinguishers on board. However, keep in mind that the extinguisher needs to pass the Australian standards.

Life Jackets

All boats are required to have life jackets on board. However, it is not enough to simply bring them; you have to wear them at all times. This is to ensure your safety when your boat experiences trouble and technical problems. Keep in mind that not all life jackets are approved for unprotected waters use if you plan on sailing there.

Marine Radios

Stay connected with anyone in the waters or on the mainland shore with the help of a marine radio. This will help you be aware of what’s happening around you, or you can let someone know if you are facing some difficulties.

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