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More Perth Sailing Tips

Perth Sailing Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency

In the previous articles we showed you some tips to remain safe during Perth Sailing be it a recreational activity or when you are in a Perth Sailing class. You’re safety should be your number one priority because after all, nobody can help you when you are far away in the wide ocean. Before something bad could happen, you can always prevent it with more of these safety tips!

Some More Perth Sailing Tips:

Life jackets

For each person on board, they have to have a life jacket that is in the right size. Unless the skipper decides that the risk is very low, the people on board should wear their life jackets.  At all times, always be prepared.

Weather Forecast

In its most common sense, it is important that a skipper is updated on weather updates so as to avoid sailing if there is a high probability of heavy rains. If you happened to be currently sailing, you should still regularly listen to updates and stay alert for any bad forecasts, it is always better to sale in a nice weather.

Trip and Boat details

Always remember to leave details about your trip and your boat to a responsible person who is ashore. You should inform them where you plan to go, how many people you have with you, and when you expect to return. This is helpful especially if you get caught on bad weather or your boat goes missing. This isn’t thinking pessimistically; this is being ready and thinking of all possible scenarios- even the most negative ones.

VHF Radio

If you own a very high frequency (VHF) radio, stay in communication with the Maritime Radio or the local coast guard.


It is not best not to drink alcohol or limit your intake of it. This is because you are responsible of the boat and the lives boarding it, so you might as well avoid the things that will impair judgment and decrease your ability to survive during emergency situations. Never be under the influence of alcohol when you’re driving a boat.

These are only some of the things a skippers license holder must keep in mind. Always remember that as a sea captain, lives depend on you. And to take care of yours and their lives, you must possess the proper knowledge. Want to learn Perth Sailing? Visit Sea Safe Boat School online today!

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