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Perth Boat School | Fun and Safe Boating Trip With Your Family

perth boat school

Boating can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your family. It is also a good way to give your children a new way to learn about what goes on in our world. It will be an entirely different learning experience for them than when on land. However, it is understandable if you still feel uneasiness when considering bringing your kids with you. The waters can be intimidating, especially with kids aboard. Attending a Perth boat school is a good start to fight this, but there are more ways to ensure everyone’s safety.


How to Make Your Family Boating Trip Fun and Safe


Prepare the Life Jackets

It is very important to have everyone wearing a life jacket, especially the children. When choosing your children’s life jackets, make sure that they are the perfect fit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too lose.

Just make sure that everyone in the boat will wear their life jackets at all times.

Secure the Younger Children

Unlike in the usual vehicles, securing young children in a safety seat is not recommended. Unless it is the kind of a safety seat where it can float in the water.

Before your boating trip starts, make sure that the children are in their places with adult supervision. They tend to wander and might end up in a serious danger when left unsupervised.

Teach the Kids How to Swim

If you plan on taking your kids to boating trips regularly, then you better think of investing in swimming lessons. This can give you an extra assurance when they are on the boat with you. Also, if an inevitable accident happens, they will be able to help and defend themselves.

But keep in mind that even though they know how to swim, you should still let them wear life jackets!

Attend a Perth Boat School

Attending a Perth boat school can help you, as the captain of the boat, to gain sailing skills. Also, you will learn about proper boating procedures and precautions.

It will also be ideal to have everyone attend boating courses for kids and adults. This will not only help them learn the basics but also learn how to become a safe boater.

If you are looking for a reliable Perth boat school for your family, Sea Safe Boat School is for you! Just call us at  0418 923 004 for more details!

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