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Perth Boat Hire | Reminders Before Hiring a Boat

perth boat hire

Sailing is probably one of the best ideas for a weekend getaway with friends, family, or even colleagues. There are lots of boat rentals available for you to suit your preferences and needs. However, before you go and call a Perth boat hire, make sure that you know how to choose a boat rental that will pass the standards especially for the first time renters.

Now don’t let this consider being something that would make boating less fun for you. It is just simply making sure that you will get the best out of your boating experience. Read on to have a checklist/guideline when looking for a Perth boat hire.

Research about boating laws in your current location.

States have different rules and regulation when it comes to boating. Some states require for the renter to have boating skills and a license to prove their mastery, while some states are less strict regarding these conditions.

That’s why it’s important to know about your state’s boating rules that should be strictly followed. It is no problem for those who already have the requirements, but for those who might not have received training on boating can still call for a Perth boat hire. These are what we call “charter boats”, where the boat will come with a trained sailor to assist your trip.

Confirm your state’s age requirement for an approved Perth boat hire.

Some states have established an age requirement to determine who’s qualified for a Perth boat hire. In Western Australia, a fourteen-year-old can also be a candidate for their Recreational Skippers Ticket, while in Geist, Germany they have to be at the age of twenty-five to rent a boat.

Consider the peak seasons.

You have decided to go on a water adventure in order to finds some peace and quiet from the busy city. It will be just you, your loved ones, and the calming water. However, if your sailing day somehow falls on a peak season then it might not be the weekend you were aiming for. Even worse, you might run out of boats to hire. Make sure to pick several dates to choose from and then confirm with the boat rentals immediately.

Check the background of your chosen boat provider.

If it’s possible, go to the boat rental’s website and take a look at their boats for rent. This can help you see if their boats are well-maintained and not overused.

This can also be a way to know about the different kinds of boats you can use and to take note of their seating capacity. It can also help you find out if their services are satisfactory and left the previous renters with a pleasant experience.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip

Don’t forget to reward yourself and enjoy the unique experience sailing can bring you and everyone else. Enjoy the beauty of the seas and the company of great people surrounding you.

Perth Boat Hire Priority

After all, it is still your safety that matters. With Perth Boat Hire, your security and safety are prioritized. We aim to meet the satisfaction of the clients and customers. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Sea Safe Boat School now and start enjoying the ride!

Are you ready to be the captain of your own boat? Sea Safe Boat School will be here to assist you in every way! Talk to us now at 0418 923 004!

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