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Levels of The Australian Boating License

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Skippers are essentially the captains of the sea and the masters of their sea vessels. If you earn an Australian Boating License, not only will you enjoy your ability to go boating and seafaring, you can also get a career as a skipper. But before that, you need to earn your skipper’s ticket at Sea Safe Boat School.Sea Safe Boat School is a leading boating school that helps you achieve your dream as a captain of the sea. We provide the best lessons as well as professional training to help you with your boating career.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the perks of having an Australian Boating License by traveling the open waters and having fun, you can also get a career as a professional skipper and get a good salary out of it. You’ll be taking your passion to another level while you make a living out of it. Before you get your boating license you need to know the three levels of being a skipper, which are Grade 3, Grade 2 and Grade 1. After achieving a certain level of qualification, you can decide whether to complete a higher qualification.

Here are the Levels of the Australian Boating License

Grade III

With the grade III skipper license, you are permitted to work as a master skipper on fishing and trading vessels that is less than 24m in length, within 200 nautical miles of the coast. You are also allowed to work as a Chief Mate on trading vessels.

Grade II

Skippers who hold the Grade II level of Skipper Certificate are qualified and permitted to work as masters on fishing and trading vessels that is less than 80m in within 15 nautical miles of the coast, or vessels of 35m in length or less within 600 nautical miles.

Grade I

This qualifies the holder to work as a Master skipper on vessels of up to 80m in length and up to 600 nautical miles from the coast. This also permits you to work as a 2nd or 3rd officer on a coastal vessel.

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Sea Safe Boat School has the best learning environment. We can assure that you are going to enjoy every lesson we offer. We let you do hands-on, so it is never boring with us. In Sea Safe Boat School, we make sure you learn by applying the lessons for real with your hands, and not by reading all those endless words written on papers.  Be a part of us now and get your Australian Boating License!

Sea Safe Boat School provides great boat driving classes where you can learn how to handle a boat, drive safely on the waters, operate radios and have fun while boating! And when you finish your boating classes, you will earn your Australian Boating License and become an official master of your vessel and captain of the sea! If you want to earn your Skipper certificate and build a career out of it, you should enroll now at the best boat school, Sea Safe.  With Sea Safe, you can enjoy boating the safest way possible! Call us now at 0418923004!


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