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Have you ever heard of Boat Charter Perth? If you don’t know what a boat charter Perth is, well it is a boat, which can be rented for use in a variety of activities. Full service charters include the use of the boat along with crew and supplies like provisions, while bare boat or bareboat charters include just the boat, with the customers crewing and supplying the boat themselves. This is especially helpful for aspiring boaters that do not own a boat.

Boat Charter Perth is available for residents and visitors who do not want to maintain their own boats. Full service charters can be used for things like scuba trips, fishing adventures, or simply touring an area by boat. Especially in tropical climates, visitors often enjoy spending a few days at sea to take advantage of refreshing breezes while they get a chance to see the land from a different point of view.

What to Expect with Boat Charter Perth

It is similar to boat rental

Bareboat Charter is similar to boat rental, and just like a boat rental, no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement. As a charterer, you obtain possession and full control of the vessel along with the legal and financial responsibility for it. Meaning, you will have to pay for all operating expenses, including fuel, crew and port expenses.

Boat Charter Requires Validation

Most charter companies require competence like a valid skipper license, which validates that you have the necessary experience to charter and operate the boat you want, this is solely for safety purposes.

Prepare Everything Before Sailing

When bareboat chartering, you need to provision the boat, meaning you need to buy the food, beverages, and other items you’ll need for your trip and also gather your boat crew. As a captain, you decide about everything connected with the boat.

Cabin Charter

Cabin charter is the type of charter where you are part of the crew, which hire competent captain like a skipper, who operates the boat, provision it for meals, and do all necessary operations on the boat. You pay for your berth, meet new people and fully enjoy the experience of boating under his professional supervision.

Crewed Charter

Crewed charter unlike cabin charter, this type of charter manages you to decide who will be in your crew which means you hire a skipper and other boat staff like cook and hostess at your service on the boat.

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$149 all inclusive Free Boat use


$188 all inclusive Free Boat use
$160.pp for group bookings of 3 or more


$220.pp for bookings of 3 or more Free Boat use


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