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How to Properly Maintain and Equip your Boats Perth

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Sea Safe’s Boat Handling Course offers a secured and stress-free course. We are happy that for the past years we have developed the necessary skills and confidence to all of our students. Today, they are having fun with their boating skills and they even take passengers with them. Interested in Boats Perth?

Sea Safe’s Boat Handling Course provides priceless tips on boat handling and survival suitable for your boating needs.  When you enroll with us, we will ensure that you get your skippers Ticker sports license, don’t worry we will provide your Boats Perth when you train

To be successful in the boating industry, you also need to equip yourself with how to keep your boat in shape. This skill and knowledge can boost your success in boating.

Guidelines from our boat handling course on how to maintain and equip your Boats Perth:

  • Washing your boat on a regular basis is a must most especially if you went to saltwater. Make sure to rinse your boat with fresh water to get rid of the salt residue. It is equally important that you use soaps and cleaners that are intended for boats only. This will ensure the longevity of your boat’s perfect color. Plus, it is a good way to take care of your boat.
  • Just like automobiles, you have to change oil regularly. The standard rule for changing oils is when you used your boat for a maximum of 100 hours; otherwise, you can do it once a year. Just like with your car, you have to take care of your boat’s machine.
  • Make it a regular habit to check your propeller. It’s part of your pre-launch to ensure that your propeller is working perfectly. You can use a deep socket to guarantee that the propeller nut is secure. A propeller that is well maintained will ensure safety, you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the sea so check it first before sailing.
  • Take out the propeller a few times during the season to ensure that discarded fishing line has not accumulated on your propeller shaft. Otherwise, call your dealer to check out the gear case to ensure that leaks are avoided. Also, remember that gear case service is done by the experts.
  • Perfectly working propellers saves your fuel and enhances the performance of your boat, hence, ensure that your propeller is free from nicks, dents and all forms of damages.
  • Put enough amount of waterproof grease on your propeller shaft.
  • When you put your propeller back to its original position, ensure that you re-install it according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Boats Perth


Sea Safe’s Boat Handling Course will teach you all the necessary information to succeed in your boating education from boat maintenance to top-notch boating skills and applications. We provide affordable courses on skippers’ ticker in Perth, Marine Radio, boat handling and VHF Radio license at a very affordable price.  We guarantee that you get what you deserve here at Sea Safe Boat School. We provide fun and safety boating for you.

Sea Safe Boat School offers quality boat education. It is always a fun and safe environment with us. It is guaranteed that your time, money, and effort will be worth it all. Join us in our courses now! Have some fun!

Sea Safe Boat School provides the best training, boat handling courses, and enjoyment of driving boats and handling boats. Contact us at 0418 923 004!

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