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Why Enroll Boating Courses Perth

boating courses perth

Sea Safe Boat School provide a quality and high standard Boating Courses Perth that will ensure our boaters will enjoy a safe boating experience in hands of Professional Holders of Skippers Ticket WA that have had years of experience in the field of boat handling. Our crew will share their experience and demonstrate their multiple skills that they have gained over the many years of sea faring experience to allow our students to learn more and understand the ways of boating as the Adult Learn To Sail. We will provide you with all information you need to know when boating.

If you plan to enroll a Boating Courses Perth, you may find that there are many boating schools to choose from with all varying degrees of sea experience and of course, different class rates. But compare to the other boating classes, Sea Safe is one of the few unique providers of fun and enjoayable boat handling training. We have different classes for you to enjoy with different rates that fits your budget. We guarantee that you’ll learn from professionals and you will surely Adult Learn to Sail. And whichever class you go to, you will learn a lot that you will be ready for your Skippers Ticket WA and be a professional boater that can enjoy travelling the seas.

Adult Learn To Sail ‘s Boating Courses Perth

Bronze Express Course

  • Our Bronze Express Course is our basic boating class that is designed for very experienced boaters. Part of the lessons will be to study the workbook and practical Skippers Ticket WA assessment section thoroughly as Demos are not included in the course. Other Topics included are Radio Procedures, Boat handling, Rules and Regulations an Crew Safety.
  • It costs $149 including free use of boat and approximately 2 hours.

Silver Course

  • The most popular course for beginners that we offer, the course includes Trip Planning, Radio Procedure and Logging on, Boat Handling, Skipper’s Responsibilities and Crew’s Duties, Controlled Stopping, Fuel and Cooling Systems, Rules and Regulations and The Uses of Safety Equipment.
  • There are demonstrations of professional skills from the instructors that you can easily copy. It costs $188 wall inclusive with free use of boat.

Gold Course

  • If you have no experience in boating then this is the perfect course for you. We will give you pre-assessment boat handling and driving lessons to ensure that you gain valuable experience before entering your assessment.
  • The Gold Course includes all lessons from the Silver Course as well as Skippers Ticket WA certification and all fees and charges. The Gold Course costs $249, all inclusive with addition of Free use of our Boat.

If you want to Learn to Sail, enroll at a Boating Courses Perth and get your own Skippers Ticket WA certificate, the fastest and most fun way is with Sea Safe! Call us at 0418923004!

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