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Charter Boats Perth | Different Types of Charter Boats

charter boats Perth

To those who are not aware with charter boats Perth, you can liken it with renting a boat. However, what separates them is the kind of experience they can provide. Rental boats are usually smaller for personal use, while charter boats Perth are bigger and intended for long stays (vacations).

If you are looking into spending long vacations with your loved ones, then you should add the days in the seas in your list of considerations. You can get a whole new experience and a very healthy dose of Vitamin Sea.

Charter boats Perth is the way to go in order to get the best of relaxation. There are three kinds to choose from depending on your needs.


It is exactly as the name suggests, the boat will be rented bare. This means that in your agreement there is no crew or provisions included. You will be responsible for everything that you will need on the boat: fuel, ports, insurance, etc. For charter boats Perth that will fall under thing category, the charterer will be required to have a valid skipper license or certificate to prove that they are competent and skilled.

This boat is ideal for those who seek privacy and the full boating experience. You will need to provide everything for you: food, drinks, and other items you’ll deem necessary.


If you are not so keen on sailing, you can get a boat that will include a licensed skipper. Cabin charter also includes food, drinks, and other items that the charter boats Perth offer.

This boat is ideal for those who seek to meet new people. If you imagine a weekend in your best swimsuit, drinking a fine wine while expanding your social circle then Cabin Charter is for you.


These kinds of charter boats Perth is similar to Cabin Charters. What makes it different will be the people with you during the trip. In Crewed Charters, you will be with a professional skipper and a crew. The crew can include servers, cooks, and the like.

This is ideal for those who just wish to enjoy the experience and the view in peace.

Choose the best Charter Boats Perth!

Hope we have helped you choose what type of charter boat to use. Choosing a boat varies from your needs and wants. You have to see what suits you the best though.

Some companies who offer charter boats Perth services have more choices for you to consider. If you have a specific preference for how your sailing trip will go, you can search for charter companies that will cater to your needs. Contact Sea Safe Boat School at 0418923004 if you want the best Charter Boats Perth. You may also visit us online for more information!


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