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Boating License WA | What You Need to Know About Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST)

boating license WA

 Planning on spending your day sailing and enjoying the seas of Western Australia? Then you might want to hold everything you are doing for preparations and ask yourself, “Do I have a permit or a boating license WA in order to proceed with my plans?”

Western Australia’s Department of Transport has a set of rules for boating enthusiasts (skippers) before they can sail through the seas. To find out more about these, read on and make sure to take notes.

Recreational Skipper Ticket (RST) is a certification of competency you are required to have if you wish to sail. One can say that this is an equivalent to a boating license WA, just like in other states. The difference between the skipper ticket and a boating license WA is that you don’t need to renew the ticket or pay additional ongoing fees.

The RST is the minimum requirement in Western Australia for the people who wish to operate a powerboat. Having it will certify that you have the knowledge and the practical skills to operate a boat safely.

Who is qualified to get an RST?

You are required to get your RST if you fit any of the criteria below:

  • You are in charge of an RST Vessel.
  • The vessel is being operated on water.

What is an RST Vessel?

An RST Vessel is any of the following:

  • A boat that is registered or needs to be registered with the Department of Western Australia.
  • A boat that is used for recreational activities and purposes.
  • Powered by an engine with more than 6 hp (4.5 kW).

(If your boat is docked, on land, or does not have a motor then you are not required to get a boating license WA/RST)

After checking the qualifications, you will be required to undergo an assessment in order to test your knowledge and skills. Seeking help from a boat school, either as a beginner or a refresher, is recommended to get your boating license WA/RST in no time. If you’re ready to be certificated, call us at 0418 923 004 to start your sailing journey!



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