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Boat Share Perth | What is Boat-sharing?

boat share perth

Have you ever dreamed of just setting your own sailing adventure with the use of your own boat? Although it does seem like a great idea, the expensive cost of a boat is going to be a hindrance to that dream. Not to mention the responsibilities of owning a boat are not that easy, especially on the financial side. That’s why the concept of boat share Perth was created.

This concept is simply not letting someone borrow your boat whenever you are not using it. Boat share Perth refers to the shared ownership of a single boat. This can tremendously help both parties when it comes to the cost of buying the boat. It can mean that you will be able to choose better boats since you have someone else to pay the half for you. They will also share in the financial responsibilities and other commitments that will come with the boat.

However, just like any commitments between two parties, it needs an agreement that will ensure fairness and certainty. Have a sit down with your possible partner in boat share Perth and talk about the following factors:

What to Include in Boat Share Perth Agreement


Ownership Agreement

Get it to touch with someone who already has an experience with boats or boat share Perth, especially if you are a first-time boat owner. Have them help you come up with the agreement and the commitments both parties will shoulder.

If there’s anything you can be sure about even without the help of an experienced boat owner, it is how the ownership rights will be divided. The rights should always be equal for all parties. For example, 50 percent for two owners, 33 percent for three owners, and so on.

Defining ownership can help prevent anyone from overstepping their boundaries or ignoring the agreed responsibilities.

Choosing the Boat

All parties should have a say on which boat they are going to invest in. Remember, all of you will be sharing the same boat, so everyone should approve the purchase. Possible owners should be present during the purchasing, if possible. Also, make sure that both parties are listed as rightful owners of the shared boat.

Other Expenses

Owning a boat is like owning a car; it will need some serious financial commitment because of the following:

  • Maintenance – Regular maintenance is important to make sure that your boat is always in a good running condition.
  • Damages – Boats can also experience the regular wear and tear problem, which can be because of the regular use of the boat share Perth owners. However, if the damage is a result of an act of carelessness then your group will need to come up with an agreement regarding this. Will it be a sole responsibility or still a group commitment? It will be your group’s call.
  • Insurance – Having insurance to protect your investments is always recommended. You can never know what might happen to your boat, so it is important to make sure that someone will have your back in times of trouble.


Propose a proper scheduling on who can use the boat at specific times and days. If special occasions arise, make sure to make it a rule for everyone to be notified ahead of time. This is to prevent issues and disagreements when it comes to who can use the boat.

Be knowledgeable — Boat Share Perth

There you go, you are all set up now. It is important that you are knowledgeable about what you are getting into. Be wise, especially that the deal has something to do with money. Boat Share Perth is here to help you with your questions and guidance. Contact us for queries and more information.

Boat share Perth is a good way to make your boating dreams a reality for a cheaper price. However, a skippers ticket is required in order for you to have the permission to operate one. Sea Safe Boat School will be more than happy to help you reach your dreams! Call us at 0418 923 004 today!


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