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Boat Parts Perth | How to Do Proper Boat Hull Maintenance

boat parts perth

How do you maintain your boat’s excellent aesthetic and running condition? Whether it is a new boat or an old one, the amount of care and love you have for your vessel remains the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if they can also remain in the same good condition? Actually, it is very much possible. All you need to do is to make sure your boat parts Perth are well-cared for.

The big question is how you can do it properly. Here’s what you can do to make it a success:

Boat Parts Perth Hull Maintenance


Rinse your Hull with Fresh Water after Every Trip

If your boat is made of aluminum or fiberglass, it is recommended to rinse your boat with fresh water after every trip. This will remove the remnants of the salt water, which can cause corrosion and wear out for your boat.

Make sure that the electronics part of your boat is well-covered, to prevent any internal damage.

Wash your Boat Every Month

The most important task is to wash your boat every month. While rinsing off the salt water every trip is essential, it is still crucial to give your boat a bath regularly. Salt will corrode metal, fasteners and other hardware when left too long on your gel coat. Use a long-handle, soft-bristle boat brush and some quality soap. Marine boat wash is the best choice since it is formulated for the gel coat. Car wash soap is next best and some boaters use laundry soap, too.

Polish and Wax Every Year

Over the years, marks and stubborn stains have already built upon the hull of your boat. For these stains use a soft brush and your chosen boat wax product. For stubborn stains use the pure concentrate and give a scrub with the brush. Once your boat is dry apply the boat wax and cleaner product. Apply the product with a soft cloth then buff off to leave the shiny polished finish.

Clean your Boat Parts Perth!

It is all about caring for your boat just as how you care for your car. You don’t want to leave it unwashed for a year, do you? You think the boat washes itself every time you sail out in the sea? Well, that’s a wrong notation. Your boat can still collect dirt from the sea. That is the reason we recommend you to use fresh water when cleaning it up. Also, clean not only from the outside but also from the inside.

We only want what’s the best for you and your future boating trips. We make sure that our lessons are relevant and helpful to everyone. Call Sea Safe Boating School today at 0418 923 004 today!


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