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Boat Charter Perth | Boating Safety Tips

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Getting your boat license  is truly a great achievement, yet it also means you are now handling more responsibilities. That’s why you should keep precautions in mind whenever you are on your way to your sailing adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sailing beginner or a sailing veteran, you will still need to establish and follow sailing precautions. Safety should be the top priority of anyone who wishes to brave the seas with the help of a boat charter Perth.

Being Safe in Your Boat Charter Perth Tips

Do not drink before boating.

Alcohol is known to make gatherings or outings a little bit livelier. However, alcohol and boating shouldn’t be something to mix together. Think of it as going on a drive in your car. There’s a reason why it is illegal to be driving under the influence of alcohol, and that’s because your reflexes and judgment will be affected.

Check weather updates.

Always check your local weather conditions before sailing. You can get the information from TV, radio, and the internet. Using these three can help you confirm on what’s the most accurate prediction. Hours before the departure, check for the skies’ color. You should probably move your boating trip to another day if it gives off a dim feeling. It is better safe than sorry.

An assistant skipper should come along.

It is important to have more than one trained skipper in the boat charter Perth before departure. The person should also have a boat license, especially if it’s in the law of your state. This is to make sure that you are still following rules when you would want to rest and let the other trained boater to take over.

Also, it will be helpful to have someone trained to assist you when something unexpected happens.

Prepare a pre-departure checklist.

Preparing a checklist is going to help to make sure you are on the right track before departure. Keep these things in mind before heading to the seas.

  • Life Jackets – Prepare a minimum of two life jackets on board. One of those should be approved by a coast guard.
  • Distress Signals – Pack flares, day signals, whistles, or something that can attract attention in times of emergency and distress.
  • Light Sources – Bring along flashlights and make sure to pack extra batteries.
  • Tools – You should have a toolbox and spares loaded in your boat. Also make sure that you have a first aid kit prepared in case of emergencies.
  • Documentation – Do not forget to bring along your boat license and other supporting documents proving your sailing skills.

Common Sense

Out of all the things listed in this article, the one thing that can ensure your safety is your common sense. Use it to determine if you are going too fast or slow in the water, or which technique would best suit the current situation you are in. Let your instincts kick in when your boat charter Perth faces some challenges.

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