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Boat Licence WA | Taking Your Dog Boating

boat licence WA

Taking your loved ones for a boating trip is one of the first things you’d want to do once you get your boat licence WA. For those who love dogs, they’d want their beloved pet to come along and enjoy the water adventure. Taking your dog boating is different from bringing your loved ones. Dogs will have a whole new different set of needs and precautions. Make this boating trip a delightful experience to all of your passengers by following these tips:

Tips for Taking Your Dog Boating


Get them a canine life jacket.

There are available canine life jackets in most boating stores or pet shops. Although dogs are instinctive swimmers, it is still recommended to get them this safety gear. Swimming in the deep seas can tire anyone out, including your dog. This can lead to drowning, which we should try to prevent as much as possible.

Bring plenty of water.

Bringing a lot of water is as important as bringing your boat licence WA. Dogs would need a lot of hydration, especially under the blazing heat brought by the sun. So make sure to bring a bowl and lots of water to prevent fatigue and dehydration on your dogs. Also, do NOT make your dogs drink from the sea. You’ll never know what kind of contamination the waters can have that can harm their health.

To leash or not to leash?

This will depend on how trained and well-behaved your dogs are. If you trust your dog enough not to leap off the boat, then go ahead and let them roam free inside the boat. However, if your dogs are younger and inexperienced/untrained then it would be best to put them on a leash or let someone hold them.

Create a place where your dogs can relieve themselves.

Even if you make sure your dogs already relieved themselves before departure, they will still need to relieve themselves while on water. This is also considering the amount of water intake they’ll need to stay cool. Bring along a small litter box, or puppy pads.

Bring dog treats.

Dog treats are usually used to reinforce positive behavior and actions. You can give out treats to your dogs whenever they do something pleasant while in the boat. This can help them learn about what to do and what not to do when inside a boat. It can be a big help especially for dogs who are not yet used to riding a boat.

Dogs as lifelong best friends — Boat Licence WA


We understand that dogs are a part of our family. If we take them for malling, then why not for boating? This question made us write about this article. We hope that you enjoyed reading it. Make sure to keep those tips!

Are you ready to take your boat licence WA and bring your lifelong best friend in amazing water adventures? Sea Safe Boat School will be happy to help you! Call us at 0418 923 004 today or visit us online!


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