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Advantage of Boat Share

boat share Boat Driving Lessons

Do you want to enhance your overall boat ownership experience? Try Boat Share. Boat Share is where boat owners can safely “share” their boats with boaters, creating, income opportunity. While relatively new, boat sharing is taking the boating world by storm and quickly gaining traction among boat owners whose vessels often sit for months unused. With Boat Share Perth, no boat will be unused.

Before boat share, if someone without a boat wanted to get out on the water, they would turn to a commercial charter company. It was a lucrative time for these businesses, even those with less than pristine fleets. Now, private boat owners now have a safe and easy way to earn income by sharing their well-cared-for boats with renters seeking a better rental experience, creating a win-win for both groups.

Here are the Advantages of Boat Share

Less expensive

Less expensive than buying a boat and dealing with yearly maintenance, slip fees, insurance, and other costs associated with owning a boat. The total annual costs of owning a boat can range from $5,000 to $6,000 when you add up costs of winter storage, cleaning, maintenance, insurance, dock fees, etc. The boat sharing model will reduce those costs and risks to you. This is very ideal especially if you are saving yet you want to own a boat.

Boat insurance

Larger and faster boats such as yachts, and personal watercraft such as jet skis and wave runners historically required a separate boat insurance policy. The size, type and value of the craft and the water in which you use it factor into how much you will pay for insurance coverage.

Enjoy the water

The option of sharing a boat has opened up a whole new way for more people to be able to enjoy the water and the boating lifestyle while avoiding the stress, expense, and responsibility of boat ownership. Sharing a boat allows anybody to learn new skills and participate in activities such as snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and waterskiing. After you’ve used the boat, you don’t have to worry about the stressful stuff you need to do about it.

You can enjoy other boats

While the idea of owning a boat is a dream for many, the reality is that the time and investment involved in ownership just might not be worth it. In an effort to make boating more accessible, the concept of boat sharing is proving to be a popular topic. Consumers can now enjoy a variety of boats, locations, and boating experiences by sharing a boat rather than owning. How fun would that be?

Learn more about Boat Share

Truly, Boat Share gives us advantages. We can use these advantages for a better monetary management or even time management. Make a good deal out of it by being more knowledgeable about Boat Share.  For questions and inquiries, don’t hesitate to visit us online. You may also contact us at 0418923004.

Planning for a Boat Share Perth? Only trust the professionals and reliable institutions like Sea Safe Boat School. Contact us now!


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