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Skippers Ticket Hillarys | How to be a Good Skipper

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Ever dreamt of living by the sea? If you have always dreamed of living life on or by the seas, or just want to start sailing you should consider becoming a skipper and living your dream job. You can do that by having your Skippers Ticket Hillarys. It’s highly recommended that you know how to correctly navigate a boat or yacht so you can pass your exam with flying colors.

When you’ll have your Skippers Ticket Hillarys, you’ll become a skipper. People become skippers by a number of different routes; many dinghy sailors will eventually become yacht owners after years of crewing on different yachts. Sea schools are well attended and boats are often keen to take on crew from schools, allowing students to gain experience and miles to help with qualification.

Skippers Ticket Hillarys’ Tips to become a good Skipper

Be knowledgeable

A good skipper should know how to steer the charter yacht safely and effectively, to predict the weather accurately, to repair certain damage, to properly maintain and use the gear, to get acquainted with the regulations and to be confident in their knowledge.

Have organizational skills

Good organization is the heart of the safe and pleasant cruising; having great organizational skills is the key to a good sail. A good skipper has to harmonize his crew’s wishes and demands with realistic and achievable possibilities.

Have great sailing skills

A skipper who works in the charter business should be a good sailor, but it does not mean that good sailors are always good skippers and vice versa. A good skipper must have great sailing skills for an effective and more enjoyable sailing experience. Sport sailing requires a different set of sailing skills when compared to being a skipper on a charter yacht.

Have courage

Commanding and steering a yacht isn’t a simple thing to do, considering all sorts of danger that might jeopardize the safety onboard. This is why a certain amount of courage is crucial to be a good skipper. Have courage to take control even when faced with tough situations while sailing.

 The most effective way to be a Skipper is to enroll in Sea Safe Boat School to earn your Skippers Ticket and be on your way to becoming a sailor. Contact us now!

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